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--- stuff to Test : --- in mundane speak : if any of the (free or i paid for) games or other prods here, according to the creators shouldnt be here to play then please email, we will remove it and state that you asked - DONT MAKE THREATS, please, the house of monkeys and gorillas is overthere ... --- test prg - - - pay the man a beer Lester pay the man a beer Lester scene release, you'll have to go to a demoparty to buy them a beer Hermanos --- crt --- others finished (free games only im afraid, its not like we are made of giveafuck but we dont like hassle and nagging people) - actually if your game is free and here , listed by skitzo playing since yars revenge paddles it's probably pretty good in one way or another :p Arkanix Labs : (the sound by Andy Vaissey (correct?) on these two we find ABSOLUTELY magnificent ... if there werent a thing like EGO wed say definitely Jason Paige level) the game itself we love much too and hope to see the sequels (between now and dead or demented somewhere, as long as they're finished before release even if it takes 15 years like EOB) Andy VAISEY (it says ...) CAVEAT FREEMPTOR : this browser emu isnt the best representation of a sid chip, we hope its wip and will be looking for better versions but atm this is REAAAAALY easy to integrate and it runs a ton of stuff SO we would always advise : "go on ebay get a real one" or use vice or some kind of fake thing in a case that looks like it , but "the real one" certainly beats the rest :) - IF you can find one, and otherwise hopefully you're good at soldering fresh capacitors or others) ... if you get a REAL one, GET A NEW PSU, DO NOT UNDER CIRCUMSTANCE TURN ON THE 40 year old TIME CAPSULE USING THE ORIGINAL EPOXY HEATBOMB, please dont do that to a machine that has lived that long ... VICE is free tho and it runs all the hardware you'll hardly find, 4megabyte carts, easyflash, ide ... the works ... scene release, you'll have to go to a demoparty to buy them a beer scene release, you'll have to go to a demoparty to buy them a beer --- --- inufuto games : Inufuto website (japanese) they get released on CSDB - this guy must be some kind of genius with two heads and ten arms if you just look at the website, you dont need to know Japanese to see the dude is crazy lol no idea where to buy the guy a beer :)
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link :: Downloads
link :: local downloads
link :: all local crud
link ::basic C64 ropes , will very likely work for a real machine too - yes its a mess until its not a mess anymore
link ::things you'll need if you're really64 sooner or later
link ::.d64/81 , .prg and .crt tried 'n tested on both or either sd2iec and kungfu-flashcart
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