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SD2IEC KungFu Flash

we assume for the time that what works with epyx fastloader loaded into the kungfu-cart, will also work without epyx fastloader active or in memory
we'll assume that the kungfu-flash will have about the same items working on it since both devices lack the true emulation of programmable ram in the 1541 (and higher?) drives which is what irq loaders use, if im not mistaken from the one we personally found and used by Carrion somewhere online.(the link to that will very likely be on the 'ropes64' page). This is not the part where a lamers such as us skitzo collective takes up a rapier and starts fencing about 2bit-loaders are the best since all that is way above our current level. We found that one, it came documented, we used it, then found a machine. The machine came with an sd-drive. The sd-drive CANT use it ... so thats that, everything with an irq-loader needs VICE overhere. Theres this thing called money, theres this thing called availability and also this thing called "space to put it" not having a parking garage sized basement to do youtube videos in all three tend to be a problem.

no room on top or it doesnt show right, all is w.i.p. as the universe until it unbangs back into a single dot and the ancient ones come for the zipfile to see what happened
if anyone has a personal list of "stuff that works" BY ALL MEANS send it over and swear on your "insert important here" ... C64! that theres no fake items inthere
as for the rest, in case that still needs explaining, there's a HUGE hiatus between the kid and his c64 and we picking it up to do 1st1(k) as a 1024b firsttime full asm demo (intro...) so we probably missed a lot of games too ...
as final (nothing we havent said before : we DONT have csdb and we DONT have pouet. csdb said "we dont see why you need an account(really friendly and likeable with all the talk about "LOVE YOU GUYS" ...) and pouet felt like having to give a resume and autobiography with it so its unlikely we ask that again unless we have an actual game or something. As that motherfucker said "why DO we need one ?" after all
theres no grief about it, we love the sites but begging for an account is a bit much, sirs and madams, thx
see you around maybe ... this page will expand as games get played and tested, the collection isnt complete (at least 20.000 or double that lacking afaik) and new games are released almost monthly. Its more likely we play the new stuff but a round of exploding fist, run the gauntlet, wonderboy or defender of the crown certainly happens.
...actually waiting for the homedir to copy to a backup device so we can format C: on mint and see how much of the website issues that fixes (STRANGE HUH, wouldnt it be nice to have a machine that runs the same after 40 years instead of a virtual one that gets updated every five minutes and breaks half your code everytime it does ? WELL WE GOT ONE AGAIN ... webdev is for masochists but the php and scripting and the newskool css is soothing lightweight afternoon tea coding ... AND we'll never get back on facebook or twitter unless we get a millionsdollar company and someone there handles the social media AND if we find an alternative to youtube we certainly will. The problem is listing other peoples vids. You dont know if they like that b/c a lot of them pretend to do it for lulz but actually NEED the likes like heroin hoping to get tuppence of admoney, am i wrong?
anything else? theres mail ... well the mail goes "@" ... insert site and any name listed on any of the dabbles and works or just motherfucker@ will probbaly arrrive too, no telegram, no discord ... no need either, but if theres something, asking is free ...
theres no bitterness, we just dont like humans anymore ... humans made sure of that ... its probably not gonna change anymore but that shouldnt stop you from playing a game thats good to play if and when it is, and if it does ... no one here will lose sleep over it either lol
if it annoys you that we are not really competitive but just curious and will always have a 1st love for a c64 without wanting to gauge someones eyes out like an american CEOciopath ? find a good shrink then theres nothing we can do ...
anything else i can annoy you with ? gud i got some #stuff to do
le CatHam Joker

Huh?for real ?yes, indeed, we would do that and like that. Unlike some mega-important people who we shant name by name or geolocation we are very well aware that we are not the best spokesperson possible for our very own business IF WE HAD ONE, which we would if they woulda let us do and we got out, IT MIGHT HAVE ENDED IN THE GUTTER TOO, but now well never know ... so yea, we would "have someone to do the social media" b/c we arent fit for that ... AND WE KNOW THAT, many things but no narcissism ... as it turns out in soviet helgium if you dont downgrade and hate yourself you MUST be a narcist ... we are far out of the scope of this site now, dearie, the exit is overthere , thx ...

do understand there be sites that dont https in it mostly since there is zero use for a https connection on those sites at all, but the first rule of JoGclub is : if you dont have the confidence to trust it, then dont use it :)