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handy bits

    Delete a file:
    Replace a file:
    SAVE "@0:FILENAME",8
    SAVE "@0:" + A$, 8.
these should be made available when applicable as basic on handybits.d64 disks in the files section
bear with the cat we just trying to get the feel of the old machine back - its been ... longer than yo momma :)

suppose you cant go without these if you wanna 64 anything at all today

Messy is the word ? since we succeed in intros that work there must be something orderly somewhere though here it works mostly like the universe ... BANG! boom ... primordial soup and from the strands of chaos it coagulates over time. Aint nobody round here fly.

We found these so far the ones we used the most in our endeavours of "surpassing the scene after 40 years delay"

mind : we cut basic programming short once we got into asm b/c even at 61 people in one body there's 2 arms, 10 digits, a foobar brain with a few popping synapses left and 24 hours in a day, of which most are spent on stuff besos pays other people to do (we also have nothing to prove)
  1. C64 memory map
  2. Codebase64
  3. covert bitops (crothub)

maps n stuff

'2264 :
ADC : (mmh wel yea its gotta come from somewhere, now BEQ as a subroutine ? dazalni zeker?)

for instance a slime or an orc graphic w as many color as possible using basic sounds already like math to barbie for now - 8 hires sprites + 1 background color + 1 character set (you need letters too) is missing bits of the palette - 8 lores sprites have to use the higher colors and multicol characters the lower so that could be 16 (i hope no ones reading im just thinking) since its basic to start dumping a 16color bitmap in the corner of the screen probably isnt an option - also i should be sleeping and its not 64day anyway
( keyboard map - - ... not compliant at all
or maybe its the emulator - it prints like nothing
its not ... (hardcore)
well : - - even with rasterline interrupts just having 25% of the / 1/4th of the screen in pixelmode ... thats still 2500 and can you even split horizontally ?
ye stuff while stuffing
- - but some colourcycling petsci probably comes first - ... NOP takes two cycles - screen gets drawn 50 times a second, theres 380 rasterlines - math is hard - im gonna have to learn to read again, i was hoping for youtube vids to put on while gaming ah ha
- (it says "check out the list of opcodes" so they're probably there somewhere hahah) - - will sort while sorting when sorting (!!!)
( keyboard map - - ... not compliant at all
- (!!!)
or maybe its the emulator - it prints like nothing
its not ...

this is all oriented towards programming - basic as well as ML /asm