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    8P       d8'    n8' 88  
    8b      d8888b. V88888D 
    Y8b  d8 88' `8D     88  
     `Y88P' `8888P      VP  

**** fan64@alleycat.be PETNET Version ****
9223372036854775807 MAX INT LIMIT,
2013265920K RAM SYSTEM 595908886528 PETNET BYTES FREE
< - 640 px = 2*320 - >(8px)

very well aware thats not petsci ...(2*8px)
well now its somewhat petscii but a tad off (8px)

this page last edited on 2023 03 25 (doesnt mean the subsections havent - its not a static page)
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(mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick)Last Entry on the list : Todbereit by Triad (4gente strikes again, impressive resumé there, we thought it was a new member but whats new :p 2021 seems to be fairly young to enter and disrupt so ALL HAIL PRAISE BE !) - we decided to keep a playlist instead of just the "one vid" that last caught our eyes on the old machine that never died. Its far from complete b/c we'll try to retro-engineer it (luol) and keep it chronological somewhat, ALL HAIL PRAISE BE, to another 100 years ! (checking it out actually we would like to advise adblock since it seems that even on lowtraffic vids like these you get 2 ads interrupting your demo-experience ... its not always convenient (for instance our BANK website wont work with adblock on (what gives??) and just a word of advice ... we dont lay down the law xept if we find you in the garden at night ... :) )
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(mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick - RGN 2023 march roundup - manual switch still, been busy oohstringy on the bubblegum galaxy introstyle program - which is not64 at all so ... well if anything is proof the old machine never died : Retro Gamer Nation hits the nail bullseye again - games, art, demos sids ... - - all stuff by JoG by JoG,other stuff by respective mentioned ceople
2022 08 25
well somewhat, after this and that and a lot of sorting and sifting, we need to add the fact that faith in humanity has shifted by -2 + 3 to a more positive balance, everything arrived and the guys from poland mailed us and we should get the psu any day now. If we can run all demoze and games on it to test all chips (faster than writing a whole program to poke every byte in the machine supposedly) , a few things like we are all connected and some tek like amanita or monumentum will probably check all registers (figuratively b/c there's only three actual registers, we noez that much) and then we have a working machine. Question remains if the sd-drive handles irq loaders but we'll find out soon enough. SO ... they guy proved to be reliable tho a bit loose with the handling. all good then :) if the polish site comes thru we'll list it here as tried and tested (but not sponsored by ofcourse) and reliable. If ever we get more hardware same thing. Safe to say trustpilot doesnt have too many on ancient c64 periphery and even so, how trustworthy is trustpilot in 2022 ??
bloggertje-blog(groetsochtens de dingen),2022 08 22 Since we're here . 30 years after they killed the kid into a ghost somewhere deep in Janes Ondergrond (introvert needs curing) a relic found its way back to the old haunted house "rose white" on the hill (where the addams family has always lived). In the weirdest week.
The previous ones never made it, the last one was a fully refurbished and utterly clean piece which got taken before we could scrape the money together. This one got sent after "some heen en weer" tho ...on the weirdest day of the weirdest week. The t&t keps shoving upward for delivery time. The guy stands here around 4pm at my door, doesnt get out, i go outside and tik the window just as he starts driving (didnt get out). He gets out, barely speaks english (no flemish at all), i guess they dont have much choice considering the job and thats what the plaque means when it says "now hiring people who show up".
So he opens the van, it looks like ... back when the boy had his bedroom searched while not home by bored cops without a warrant because in soviet helgium "if they say you did it, you probably did it!" (never forget that sight when i came home and also how much i trusted the addamses after that, they didnt even ask ...) irrelevant. So im already thinking, omg that things gonna be broken. The guy succeeds in explaining im number 30 on the list and he'l be back between 8 and 9pm (so i wonder again why he shows up in the first place) and i say OKAY ! GREAT ! (geweildeg!) (what else would i say, like UNLOAD THE VAN NOW ! or something?)
which ofcourse didnt happen. And as turned out the guy i bought it from i messaged to say he would have to wait on his review until i had and tested it, apparently didnt include the SD-drive i paid sep on paypal (call it what you will) he was gonna send that separately. (so there we knew one thing already). So at 10pm (the hour of no more mail by DPD and the likes) i lock the fence and at 1am night my cat wakes us from the abyss into the ondergrond (the only one allowed to do that) and somehow leads me to the window and lo and behold. A cardboard box ... dumped over the locked fence JUST AS IT STARTS TO RAIN


scoot outside, pick it up, open, unpack unwrap, connect ... and there's strike two : the psu has a bent pin, and here's yours truly who explicitly asked to test it at least one last time before sending it ... in our logic, unless the delivery guy opêned the box, unwrapped the plastic, bent the pin IN the connector, put it all back, wrapped it neatly and put the tape on the box exactly where it was ... that means the sender didnt test it (we have strange logic sometimmes)
bent pins arent the end of the world until broken so even a lamer-electronicker like that guy in ondergrond who wants to learn it b/c he is voiceless atm, probably a remnant from Drill ... and so, as the video shows that went. So we write a small basic program that tests at least vic1 (or zero depending on your semantic preference) and the color ram. The datasette wouldnt work at first, the motor wouldnt run, then reconnecting it, it does, but the two tapes provided do nothing but "found program" and load until the end. After that we didnt dare to keep it on with all the horror stories on original psu's and that thing being 40 years old or something close.
and SO ... we disconnected and put it in a cool dry place as they say. After all, a relic of ancient religions that was imbued with the power to change the world should be treated with respect. And up the cables we went. Found some polish site claiming to sell handmade, replacable-component-fully-repairable psus that fit and protect the thing from frying. Which we are waiting for but they gave two weeks "cuz '22" so we dont know until we'll have it.
Then the SD-drive, which still isnt here, apparently got sent last friday, and when we ask "where's the tracking number" the guy goes "o but i sent it without"
then we take five and go like "..." (we asked THREE times ...)
and say "okay!" how long do you think that will take (we essentially dont believe he sent it b/c all humans are shyte until proven otherwise but there's no other option that to wait the standard period there) - threatening to send columbian deathsquads over two packs of cigarettes worth (we quit smoknig long ago, woke up one day and realized we hadnt for like ten days without thinking and said, ... "okay!") is probably counterproductive and pointless anyway.
And thats the status. The main point was "OMG goattracker sid tunes sound different in 3 different players and vice" , what does it sound like on real hw ? (and also we always wanted one back since the kid - there just a lot of life between that)
so b/c there's no tracking number the options are : 1) wait at the door until possibly next friday or 2) leave it floating outside - since we dont trust anything but bills to stay in the mailbox unattended (for some reason i never heard of someones bills getting taken) - that is THAT !
there you go, rich boy, and we dont even want it to put in a glass box in the back of the basement while doing youtube videos "talking about it" :) (no offense ofcourse, everyone has THEIR hobbies)
we'll keep you informed, if those polish guys come through we can at least test it with basic b/c we can leave it on without fear of fried green tomatoes
o well but yea, we DO appreciate the guy taking the effort to still deliver at 23:00, but we came to understand it says nowhere on his little shiftbox "40 year old electro : do NOT drop over fence unattended" - alls well that ends well as for the vendor. Its been a while since we secondhanded, maybe even since when we were lame enough to have an xbox (though we hush ourselves with the idea that "THAT WAS BECAUSE YOU CAN HACK IT" ... that thing, for all the billions miCrotter has ... like a small stove where the mainbord frumbles up under the heat so bad the pins in the chips dislodge (the red ring of death) so to fix that, you actually have to void the warranty, screw it open remove the fans and heatconductur plastic thingy (the bit that moves the air to the part where you could use it to fry eggs) and then just LET IT overheat until the board gets so soft the pins fall back in place ... if miCrotter werent a poor company id think they think the whole world is homer simpson, but they admitted the ps outsold them ... otherwise windows would have memory leaks after 30 years (sucks being poor). and since we didnt, maybe its "normal" to handle second hand this way but we're not used to that. If we explicitly ask and then ask 3 times for tracking and offer to pay extra if need be the vendor goes "itsnot needed" and we can guess wether or if its gonna be here anywhere between now and seven days later (ofcourse, the front door is our favourite spot)... its just not what we're used to, right ? we're too oldskool for that.
so , if the polish psu arrives : YAY !, if that SD-drive arrives on top, YAY excelsior ... if that thing can run the irq-loader we mashed up from cadavres explanations to use with the game, EVEN BETTER ! =) (never knew the 1541 had its own RAM until i read that rant)
so ...
bloggertje-blog groet smiddags de dingen, met de heat heat heat en vissertje vis
? ... ofcourse we didnt patch that xbox, that would be un-ethical towards a poor company like that ... it would never have crossed our minds to do so , i mean, a company thats SO poor they have to leave out the cooling system and put in something that looks like one, just to make ends meet on a global sale ... you dont wanna hurt those people, right ?
we sold it - when tekken and dark souls were on pc ... and euhm , we WONT buy another one just cuz satellius steals ARK2 and will release the "console optimized version" for pc once enough xbox copies have been sold, too bad, we really wanted to see that but since its console optimized down from a game with 40+ keyboard shortcuts played with a mouse for quick 270degree turning or that raptor eats you, we have our ... ideas on the matter
yea, so : steam deck ? GREAT CONCEPT, for rich kids but nonetheless : do what thou wilst, in the 80s it could have been the next c64, now its "buy now, get one in '25 .. maybe they havent build dry nukeplants by then yet and the sun hasnt melted, who knows", xbox ? ps5 ? warner brothers sues your babysister for cosplaying emma ? nnnaaah, we're too old for that ...

and THAT ? we got that a lot, but we just sound like jack sparrow on vid, sober as fuck there, darksouls-honour -nnyyeaah ... we noez ... but true des ... wish we had the honey like jack sparrow , ehj ? savvy ?
2022 08 22 : fixed up the scraper into the tenton-Whackacton edtion-that-works offline (but it should), to pick the right vid, even if not added to the playlist on RGN. After we make our first billion on crypto we will put it on cathub tho email is possible if someone wants it - you'll have to clean it yourself tho ... once it works we is hard pressed to turn it into python...its webdev so it likely wont work next year anymore anyway so all that woowa booha seems like a waste of time. What should be still is putting out the vids with thumbnails so the site is third party cookless by default. Once you click "on youtube" its YOUR panties ... we dont hold them. (we dont track anything but snailmail on any of the sites so far ...) so you can click the vid but the pic will be put to click and after you click the pic the vid will load. At least it should give the most recent RGN roundup, YAY RGN ! GREAT WORK WE LOVE YOUR WORK ! (hope to get featured by 2030 in some kind of "meh, good for one play" moment sometime :) we dont write to impress, we do this because we heart the c64 ever since the kid. ATM we're waiting for a polish PSU b/c we finally found a hard one and dont wanna fry it while testing if all chips are in place and working ... if anything, demos will probably not be released to parties but games seem more like a contribution towards keeping the legend alive (its not excluded though, if a horde of harem groupies comes begging at our door to get a SceneId we just might). Otherwise we do this cuz (andjust cuz) we wanna and thats it. Got nothing to prove ...
u-huh, but des yo ? you write a routine in the 1980s and run it on a box today, it does exactly that. You did something on geocities, today it might get you dumped in totter-foxjail with or without FBI investigations and crash the internet while crying I HAVE TEN TON YELLOW ERRORS IN THE CONSOLE THAT WILL BREAK IT IN A FEW MONTHS ANYWAY (whats left of it) ... the only thing in the universe that didnt suffer from entropy : writing / code , but they "fixed that" (like they fixed the planet) ... right, its clearly bedtime, de peuter wordt lasteg and you cant have Jane without the ondergrond (not just a doompatrol metafor) ... still have plenty, sprite multiplexing, sprites outside borders, FLIEeee and the finer things but mostly "a game" should be doable tho the first one will be closer to hilsfar than it would wizardry maelstrom (all things pending) and unlike the unigine visualisation of the world might be ready before 2150.
REJOICE ! (we dont do64 all the time, we also do ... *******off to intrentp*** between the dishes and the laundry) so if the site doesnt update daily, maybe you should give us a million :)
KEEP THE LEGEND GOING, it must bust Crotters balls thinking about it ... i mean even the companies are long gone ... while at the same time the nightmarish scenario for Satellius of sheep and cows still gaming on an xbox 360 in 2030 comes to mind :)
i see the men in black drive by, if i say the C-word one more time im sure the candyman will appear too ...
right then ... we should have a ... sizelimit to the containers here probably (it scrolls after all)
Featured Petscii or Gfx :
by ZeroMathematics (ZeroDesign)
basic code here :
what does it matter unless someone sends us a hard machine ?
made with Petmate - - we are under the assumption that even Fairlight uses crosassemblers from a pc today so petmate will probably only be heresy to hour-zero purists (who cares btw) not sure if the code got completely exported there but will check, will also host it on the server but pâstebin will do fine for now , this pastebin paste expires in one year - one funfact : the animated gif, even at 320x200 is over 100kb, it wouldnt even fit in a hard-machine ... but the .bas isnt .... "how quaint this computer-thing" - so still even now, if you start at the age of 8 or 9 with commodore basic and pets you might have coding and design waiting later ... unbeatable after 40 years, DES !
not sure - but if we ever it would have to be something like heart of the maelstrom or apshai but you know that internet connectivity ... "city of LCP 64" or Apshai-mmo ... you know but you know ... there's thousands of ppl with more knowledge on the subject and maybe one or two with a bit more skill too (hah hah) ... and yass but u-huh , we dont really work well with others unless its our harem in chains. You know, an opensource project but b/c of decades of abscence no clue on how many hard machines and how many soft ones b/c its probably easier to get some supergeek to whip up a virtual vice2ip modem than to get some other supergeek whip up a circuitboard to slot into an elder brown box and as such also and as we have nothing to prove its just hypothetical thinking. First of all ZD and SE want to try and whip this into an actual 320x200 / 40x25 page to simulate commoder webpages ... probably upscaled otherwise its gonna be hard to read on a 4K screen ... but that way the pixelratio would be there. Its "in gedanken" mate - not to beat alphabet with bezos money - just thinking ... city of LCP would always have been cool since 1980s , so would Apshai-mmo ... although you probably get a lot more loners with scenoids the connectivity online still stays. If you had city of LCP in the form of a j/cRPG with landplots to build your own base with materials gotten from playing i bet there would be some players if its a free to download that runs on vice with a virtual vice2ip modem ... i mean, people make demoez ... how would that be for a demo (lulz yes?) gud ... is playing elden ring ... not doing alleycat.be - - - shoulda known this thing would draw in.
We would like to dedicate this site to a game everyone's forgotten about - - - ... also , .. this is not CML ofcourse - but we'll try to make it look like to get a feel for it, obviously embedded youtube vids wont be happening as such without extensive moddling , which atm is above our braingrade. Why ? why do you demoze ? ah, to WIN ? well we dont ... we cuz ... ... yea, we cuz, thats about it i think. Akshully this 8px sized font in the 320*2 window is already half too small to be real unless we draw a C-webfont for use thats 4x4 px on the actual machine .. we think thats gonna be "abit" hard to keep it readable.
in the meantime this thing looks "abit" different than it did a day ago - SSssa s'gaaa ZeroDesign for ya'(we dont write jeponese sadly ... thats b/c you wouldnt let us get to the other side of the planet) and closer to a 64-fren site, we SHOULD be playing elden ring, but forgot the magnetism of doing something that has 64 in it hahah ... okay then ... thats enough for one day ... ah , we saw that raised eyebrow ... for the moment consider the scrollbar to be in the borderless zone, that makes it pixelperfect a-ok :) ... 384*2 + 320*2 inside (it gets a bit small at 320*200 on a 4k screen next to this old one here ... )
the "ultimate c64 talk" - so commodore basic was developed by miCrotter ... i learned something today
credz for 3rd party assets : one font :
the other from CommodoreServer.com

logo made with
by ZeroDesign

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  1. 03/26/2023 :
    17:50:38: : sure, once the money comes thru ill be right on it heh
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    17:50:17: : also someone needs to fix JB to do that last file upped and last media thing away or do it right, thats been hanging since ... ? 2019 ? 20 ?
    17:48:52: : this thing really looks a bit off on a 4K screen - we shall pray to the muse of Webbings to bring a dream
  2. 03/25/2023 :
    16:28:15: : so if we see the end of the floppy disk era
    what does that mean for irq loaders ?
    personally the machine we found came with an SD drive, which doesnt have programmable memory so not a single modern demo will run on it. Everything else works just fine tho, its like having a terabyte 1541 floppy with all the shoeboxes inside
    Syntax Error
    16:19:54: : switched section two from "latest vid" to "rgn roundup playlist" b/c crotter just keep thwarting the scraper and as interesting as it would be if it were for money just adding the new vid to a playlist is a lot faster . If anyone has anything64 of at least RGN quality and level , please let us know ... we are still absent from the world but will reply to mails
  3. 03/24/2023 :
    14:18:28: : So we moved the first "last demo that caught our eyes" to a playlist to keep the previous one, wihch makes it far from incomplete ofcourse but given the massive traffic we'll assume its not urgent, if we get 500 mails by tomorrow saying HURRY
    then we'll "wurdamoney" ? and try a bit faster ofcourse
    will do the rest for the other lists, kinda cleaning up the youtube feed but thats DEFINITELY a bore since that gets us nothign but storage space for videos which otherwise would lag when self-hosted
    Awaiting a winning eurobillions ticket its just gonna have to make do
  4. 03/11/2023 :
    17:15:12: : well yes, we would do a definite mention for mumuland, 4gentE small demo, the vision logo and genesis project cracktro on the racing game
    and ofc the bacchus-produced game with a political stance
    "by Fairlight"
    but thats not what this site does and if you start at that it never ends, besides
    stuff like this should be in a scroller anyway :p
    17:09:41: : ha well, the new RGN roundup is here and it looks like the scene still kicks scene like no other scene kicks scene. As for the demo section here - we are in dubio and debating amongst our usual self wether to replace all hallows eve or not, beCAUSE, uncle petscii was awesome, and the next one to impress was this (which we seen b/C we seem to have missed it somehow) and now its gonna be kinda hard to find something ... its like looking for fresh demofoss right after seeing the meteoriks lineup right (something WE THINK the all hallows eve demo certainly should have had a nominatio for btw but bem)
    so ... mumuland wudnt bad but ... (and certainly couldnt do better ourselves) but
    we'll leave all hallows eve as 'representative of 64today' for now
  5. 02/22/2023 :
    02:17:02: : finally got to update the front section - no works been done on the standing onefiler but the discovery of 10liner basic contest has brought renewed idea for loaders for the main site, namely 10liner basic streaks ... which probably will be vids but with the .d64 available here (well unless someone knows of a fully working c64 inline html emu ... that works ...)
  6. 02/14/2023 :
    04:33:07: : check (janes birdie global should now have clickable link to the updated site)
    Syntax Error
  7. 01/24/2023 :
    20:02:02: : ye, started @ https://almorkat.janesondergrond.art/vocorecat/
    at the speed of what is the sound of 0 dollar clapping ? well if the world keeps going soon enough the same one as 100 dollar clapping eh - you try buying silver with your billion if there's none left then - - vocorecat will be vocorecat tho it might address tales from the scrapheap too - - - chatgpt will not write the titles either

    VADE RETRO SKYNET, youre too early

    14:34:08: : o dear - time to move deeper underground, i feared it was gonna be something like that and it is . A parasite a.i. that preys on the creative forces to help the fake pretend they can.
    So - i WILL get an option in windows that says "no a.i. for me here" ? will i ?
    dduuuh wasted too much time on getting a pic in check again - on to the vocore - well at least skynet only needs 1km³ on the whole planet to propagate life (but not as know it), Jim ... that part is positive
    02:28:45: : Ho-hay
    keeping an eye out : always, tho it seems less pure the first ones are still kicking

    heartfelt respect : tho the first section vid is reserved for new releases that add the wow-after 40 years they still do fresh effect ... which doesnt demean the smaller releases or the onefilers. Every demo64, every pixel, every sid moves towards the last scene standing
    we got a hard machine ready in a box to survive the apocalypse and how to run it on a 50w solar panel (with a converter downward lol tho the screen will take a little too the box shouldnt take more than 20
    We might expand this with a vocore tab and a "pure6502"tab as we has a new one and it werks and a 6502 breadboard kit on the way (hopefully) from the other side of the other side of the planet.
    that said - assuming we live to be 250 years we're sure we'll finish the 64game as well as the unigine game while dabbling in electronics to make sure we can play snokie when the smoke rises on 2050 (as a brain in a jar perhaps) - - - keep demonstrating
    Syntax Error
  8. 01/08/2023 :
    00:45:20: : sadly this comes on top of a new attempt to destabilize us, it seems to come clock steady with any kind of inner peace or close to it - so we havent checked yet but its possible whatever code there was for middlersted and the last working demo(minidemo) is gone - including the sid files (which is really worse than losing the few k-locks of code)
    so we havent checked yet in the mess we call backup which is organized the way the ondergrond here is ... it flips dimensions
    that said - well no clue, happy 2023, the first year of the great crumbling, we see its coming off to a good start here - disgruntled employees and sackings on the house BUT - thats not for here
    00:42:34: : *ahem*
    is this thing on ?
    Windows decided - well it decided to give the neo-BSOD and then decided to give the neo-BSOD again, and THEN ... decided to start autorepair ... and THEN it booted
    and THEN
    all the files in the user folder were gone (but not the folders) , nowhere in the process have we been asked do you want to (y/n) in any form
    WE think the answer is NOT "you should have paid for onedrive"
    so ... its only windows, the sad thing is stuff like vice and cbmprgstudio just dont function the way they should on linux (linux vice has this flipping variable framerate, its really annoying) - SO all the files in the user folder, where all windows crApps tend to store them
    were gone
    does that need more sayings ?
  9. 01/03/2023 :
    04:02:32: : killer-migraine due to someone pulling us out of the established sleep cycles , clearly to destabilize us mentally , now we had some semblance of a level state - i guess they cant have that. Flipped the vids on index. As for JoG64 ... well people with no agenda are never late and there certainly is no roadmap. The world is a question mark and life is a hole made of kryptonite with all exits blocked (so thats basically the same as it has been for more than ten years) - what we WOULD like 64side is at least finish that little minidemo where we go for sprites - actually some kind of simple thing with the first scroller64 ever but the director wanted a scroller that runs "in sprites" (... why not, why easy, right ?) which probably comes down to some bitmap manipulation-type code which is new as was the stuff for the first 3 , AND an actual JoGbrewed sidtune made in goattracker by Malice - - - moving on to sprite multiplexing from there b/c the director feels its a necessity for the middlersted game to have as many fullcolor64 pixels as possible (its not about fast moving or scrolling anyway)
    so maybe if we get the billion from Elon which he aint using anyway we get somewhere in '23, otherwise
    otherwise no idea - if anyone knows where the world will be by april, summer or winter '23 , give us your direct line to the gods - i hear some making predictions on 2032 and 2036 already - they probably didnt learn from covid - - -
    the director also feels this would looks SO much better in a scroller
    we wish any stranded alien passing by here in the backyard of the universe strength for the years to come ... we feel thats more reliable and constant than luck, tho if you want luck
    we can wish you some luck too :)
  10. 01/01/2023 :
    03:29:14: : bokeh!

frend64, with nothing to prove, dont look to hard into it, theres nothing here unless you're interested in programming a virtual cartridge to connect vice2ip b/c we are personally too broke to get our hands on a real machine and we doubt c64toIp cartridges will be the next big thing (to connect http or async http to lighttpd or apache servers that is - since life is going nowhere, we are in NO hurry to get there
not in a rush to get nowhere , obviously - my experience with Janet ? thats a good one, as well as "malfunctioning wallet" ... i didnt know that existed on a blockchain , anyhoo - no comment