2024 02 26 per qualche few lines in piu ... AGK isnt really made for textmanipulation and the screenmatrix actually IS 40x25 textcharacters here but this should work - a selection screen to select the edition so the client can load the relevant data and the main proggy remains, i mean its-a-JoGmag it needs consistenz and stuff ... NOTHING is a priority anymore so dont wait up for it - for starters it will be mostly scenepicks by month and whatever comes on itch that doesnt reek too much of crotter , maybe by 2030 or something
2023 12 14 maybe if i load the wasmbit by clicking some kind of button to "openwasmbit" it counts as interactoin and the sound plays, see the thing here is the actual proggy is kept minimal, it loads the JoGgo AFTER pagecomplete (windowonload even or something i cant remember) and it does so with the converted sid tunes (i dont have a sidplayer plugin in AGK but since we would have like one or so scenepick-tune per monthmag converting it to ogg isnt all that bad, so the thing starts and THEN starts loading (atm random music) and a JoGgo, the pic displays fine but the sound wont play and its the ole'proverbial "The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be blabla" error which will count for Fox too because we are pretty sure by now Fox is just more Crotter in disguise) WHICH IS WHY WEBDEV (which used to be enjoyable lightweight afternoon tea coding and brainrot prevention is now a matter of "what is broken after this update?" syndrome - in essence we believe its a conspiracy to bring the web down to five companies b/c ITS SAFER IN THE CLOUD and everything works on facebook without settings ! (and all that) ... maybe we should start writing sites for c64 and Atari ST browsers only instead
2023 12 14 : the thing needs permission to play audio for some reason (webdev is so much fun) which you normally should be able to set in your browser text bar in the padlock(ff) or slider(chrome) icon on the left ... we do this whole thing for lulz and brainrot prevention and mostly for zero dollar so we wont be doing anything other than what we wanna do. If we cant find a way around simply playing a tune we'll add an explanation but more likely a downloadable mag instead (also , permissions were set but for some reason both chrome AND FF un-set them so we just found out we had to re-enable it - in essence if you dont do your stuff on facebook on youtube you get sabotaged but its not keeping us awake really)

id say "working on it" but we'll just say "#doingstuff" ...

Until the wasm-stuff is a bit accessible (like for instance a menu that works or something) maybe its best to check the html pages here
expect errors and bumzers
Until the wasm-stuff is a bit accessible (like for instance a menu that works or something) maybe its best to check the html pages here
we are not coders, devs, pros artists or even sceners, but we certainly like the program and the machine and as it so happened the c64 was the first one to ever say hello world to the kid ... something of a 1st love
expect no tribalism, ... pro-equal-machine right activism .... NO AI - license !
the thing is not active yet yo, it works for net-conn (tho not a-sync yet), chrome will probably show last weeks site as usual but even in FF cache might need clearing due to frequent small changes- thats a crotter cloudflare thing tho we try to bypass it AND ... the site works fine, but if you want to hear the sound you'll have to give permission to the specific site (we advise against global permission) b/c it doesnt detect autoplay due to wasm probably so theres no popup, it should have cache but no cookies, well provide a tutorial on how to permit sound for kids who cant afford heroin and crackbabies later but atm its a bit void[] - - - converting the .sids takes time too btw heheh ...
le sTuff
link :: Downloads
link :: local downloads
link :: all local crud
I moved the download links to the common downloadpage
but for .d64 each separate description file still exists. Programming tends to happen with cbmprgstudio (which is just fine for us so far and we also dont need to prove anything that we're aware of) and vice but the actual machine we have here is an original wristkiller breadbox with a 6581 sid , as purist as it gets ... at €110 with an sdiec2 drive (and an original hard-click atari joystick AND a composite cable AND a datasette ...) it was kinda pretty good deal (the sd drive new costs €55 i saw later), the thing looks like it had never been taken out of the box either but we havent dared open it yet (why risk something that might have survived 40 years in a hole by poking into it for no reason while it works ?) so most stuff will be aimed at that, not that 85xx which seems to be omnipopular now but it shouldnt be a problem since it should work on the 2nd batches just fine (whatever comes of it)

the Html pages have (in case of games or applicable) also the itch.io or other links to it), the WASMstuff is a semi-lated diskmag in a quasi fantasy64-console which has a 40x25 matrix , 16 colors, alphablending and functions like poke286(col) ... (yea maybe in ten years or so ...)
credz for 3rd party assets : one font :
the other from CommodoreServer.com