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**** PETNET Version ****
9223372036854775807 MAX INT LIMIT,
2254857856K RAM SYSTEM 437187903488 PETNET BYTES FREE
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(mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick)Last Entry on the list : Danko 50 by Fairlight and Censor Design - in heretical reverse alphabetic order. ? well im SO old i remember ranked greetings and mentions ... the kids 64 is older than fairlight then no matter how i look back it somewhat has to be even if its impossible for me to put something into a real year unless something SUPERnasty, like more than usual happened that year post 2000. A birthday greeting thats more than a scroller, a tune and a pic ! but i suppose two of the great elders couldnt "just do that" :p More midlife crisis for the scene :D lets hope it spurs some more demos and bonzai-style smashbros co-ops ... or even EOB 3 in 15 years haha.
and again, using jquery by alphabet, the chrome browser by alphabet tends to show last times , weeks or even months sections even if the files arent on the server anymore. Tricking it with randomizing isnt hard but its so silly that THEIR stuff doesnt follow up while a crotter wannabe like firefox seems to have no problem right away displaying the new thumbnail and section content.
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(mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick - edit 2023 10 02 eat first check later ...
Right .. nothing but amazed and jawdropped how the old machine that never died keeps dragging both programmers and players back to it 41 years later to make games that would have knocked the kid out of his chair back in the early 80s ..., it certainly looks like the box has another 10 , 20 or 30 years more to go like this ... i see the french guy is back too ... the site needs reworking and also #stuff but whatevers going on doesnt seem to be healing itself again. So it will come at the pace of when it comes. Im still not too convinced about demanding a minimum price for a c64 title but thats a decision everyone makes for themselves ofcourse (and in my case and situation i simply coulnt anyway so i dont even have to decide when the game rolls off if it does before dead or demented) , tho gangs like icon64 spell hope for the future and their stuff certainly looks good. Personally i think the niche-crowd , not limited to the ones acting shiney on youtube, who have enough money to keep a basement or separate atelier full of retro gear in glass cases and ten ton shelves of boxed games to boot will buy it anyway and as the EU report showed, the ones who dont wont heheh ... they REALLY buried that one deep didnt they, even after the PP dug it up they just buried it again .... "ah we spent a good few million on research but the results were inconvenient so lets pretend that didnt happen" ... also, getting the name spread to create buzz in de ondergrond certainly is important but HEY ... everyone decides for themselves right. Should read the 51st law sometime if you have time (personally recommend audio books b/c sitting down for hours with a paper back breaks my back)
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(mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick - no idea where the day went but it went, well that was a nice episode again and thanks again for all the work in it but : "its not a job if you do what you like right?" i mean "its not work if you do what you like" ... as for the thing well im not the one to disclaim and i gave up on explaining the 9 billion voices of JoG to the humans long ago but i say r&d in case thats misunderstood : briley must be one of alltime favourites tho its REALLY hard for me to try and compare titles with post 2020-titles ? maybe i could say like i put it "next to" defender of the crown and california games (on which many a beer and beerwurst were wagered but not limited to) without starting up a list of "insert number here" titles. It would be nice if the daze and pain went back to the usual tomorrow, these days you have to predict when youre gonna be ill bc "a guy walks into a doctors office" simply doesnt exist anymore and thats sometimes pretty inconvenient, this thing i had for like days now, which is worse than usual might just be gone tomorrow in which case there i am the doc like "whats wrong"? well "nothign todayyyyyyyyyyy"
"just the usual"
A N Y W A Y (what a heap of bytes again .... let me count) : $ wc -c 17047 ... thats a small cartridge full of blabber
man, i almost fell asleep already ... i think im in the process of fighthing the third cycle for a while now b/C i already need an extra 20 minutes in between which is hard to skip without consequences. Having 8 liters of beer to use for fuel is not an optimal solution (tho i can stay awake long like that after the first 30 minutes the sedation moves to certain parts of the body that make it so life gets rendered unusable anyway ...) AXIOM FANTASTICA ! tahts that thing i was talking bout some edits below, like murkasada it has like this jenesaisquoi style (certainly liked the first 2eps of that one) it looks like something im really gonna have to (ofcourse we all know in 64land just as in pre-alpha order now for only €59.99 in early access land) we know not all games make it to omega-stage, some not even to alpha as the rich people call it.
i havent given too much thought to the design of middlerstedt really personally b/c i feel i dont have enough of the basics down yet anyway and i dont wanna half-ass something 'kquik' , i want something that i can say to myself like "hmmm, mwell okay" (at least) but between and rpg and some kind of management-sim without calling civ-elements i dont know where to start, ... from the original idea back when steemit was gonna be my ticket out of belgium, you can do 60gb on a pc and no one will scoff b/c its 2023 and you can build a whole city in that (i got 15gb in unigine for just the few districts so i was thinking 60gb for the first settlement wasnt understated) but on a c64 that becomes a different thing. Having seen briley this far and some vids on EOB (but not really played the 64version past the intro b/C i like finishing one before i start another - with some arcade in between - ) there has to be some kind of 1mb limited golden ratio where stuff is possible, even for a noob, madhouse, decrepit loner like this broken sorry pack of shards of everyone it used to be. The most important thing is still the story and the lore, "the world" and middlerstedt is one little sector of one settlement but its like what would have been the starting place anyway (depending on bblablablablabalbalthatdoesntmatteranymorenorhere), so for r&d briley is certainly gud stuff but pc games like graveyard keeper and euhm haaah i keep forgetting ... Iratus ? (was it that one) seem to have 64ifiable potentials and the last steam demofest CERTAINLY had some retro-'style' stuff taht was open for inspiration ... and here i go again ... tsk , ya, AXIOM FANTASTICA, i put it on my list next to meonlawel (ofcourse smash bros but thats a whole different world of gaming) ... ganbarreeee
Several hours later now from the firstedit downbelow - taters almost done, HERE COMES THE RAIN (this looks like an actual october day in belgium for the first time in ... cant remember) .. one more word, just like my c64 was brimming with joy when Sarah J Avory answered on itch that (i asked if she really does all that by herself b/c thats like EPIC SHIT FOR wonderwomen) and i said that it would be a real shame to see such a great rpg-engine go to waste if it were used for only one game and she said she was "already on briley2" (angelic trumpets blazed) ... rpg64 here in the video same thing : if that thing comes out like an engine or an IDE (what do incrowd pro dev leet people call these things?) which can be used from linux/usa-dos like trse or even usa-dos only if it really has to be (its about the only thing i used usa-dos for lately : backing up the security cams b/c the software is usa-dos only and i have been too hollow to fix up wine with 32bit on the fresh install of the most used partition (otherwise it works fine on linux, networking backups and all included, AND programming64 ... also TRSE b/C i use other tools that are dos only or take re-compiling and thats just too much hassle im not enough of a fanatic for that (or maybe too old) where it succeeds in stuff like "dos will scan your drive now while i boot up and go to the toilet and come back and a whole folder has been wiped CLEAN so bad even testdisk forensics cant retrieve it and it didnt ASK for a "can i do that" ... i saw later somewhere on screen during boot it says "press bla within 5 seconds OR DIE" or something similar - must be american Crotter humor) euhm ... meaning : an engine like that / ide like that, RPGMAKER STYLE (visual half visual) leaves only the story and the sprites - how BADASS EPIC would a tool like that be for the 64gaming world ? (dont ... its above my head and my physique, mostly above my physique i suppose but i know its not above everyones ... how COOL WOULD THAT BE ??? "insert story here" rpgmaker has a total community around it and plenty of people enjoy jRPG style imo, i think briley got some retro of the year award too ...
o ... my enthusiasm is leaking, im gonna put on a fresh pamper and eat .. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO, even if you dont speak french, its someone who likes the machine and usually pretty complete
Ya, the farmquest game that looks like something off the track picqued me but there was another one i saw with specific art style tho that might been on RGNs latest (where i noticed they havent done Amiga since april ... does that mean the hype is over ? i had the impression there was some kind of "time to move on" vibe somewhere (mostly on the demoscene) which i personally dont understand b/C "amiga" by itself stands for what ? 8 different machines and then youre gonna compare THAT to a c64 (?) ... nevermind, im hungryyyyy, its somewhat safe to say no one in the 64zone needs to be worried the platform will go extinct anytime soon it seems to be a coder-magnet of sorts, once you touch it you start hearing that little voice that keeps calling "STAY A WHILE ......" - im gonna just watch the vid and save the comments for the next or i lose half whats left of whats already half a day of a day on typing stuff only my stalker alien reads. Thanks again for the superb report there !!!
Tony certainly looks good i seen several titles again, not just the ones that been a long time coming ... i dont get why the current houses and guildmasters dont stick their heads together for a one-time masterplan to provide a "kungfu"-version one-time available in store now! everywhere b/c after that they can box it in an sd for the same cost and churn out 1 megabyte games everyone can run on their real machine ... the overhead for the one-time purchase for 50yo basement nerds who have 100000 dollar of retro gear on display in the back cant be THAT much, can it ? (yea im really happy with that kungfu thing, i thought the sd2 was the best thing after sliced bread but that one even beats it imo (mainly bc it does .crt up to easyflash and the sd2 doesnt ... sadly krill-stuff usually refuses (so why hasnt any superscenoid like i dunno Carrion-the-explainer or someone come up with "the new Krill" ?) ... I CANT thats over my head, man ... certainly in this state at this point in space time - allright foods cooking , "press space" to continue ... IM REALLY CURIOUS ABOUT THE ra-pi5 after seeing the presentation by not the company, thats some SERIOUS low-power desktop computing ... low power is the future btw ! ofcourse, from a lamer skitzo loner collective that goes by the name of janes ondergrond and is not just a doompatrol metafor who plays final fantasy on a NES as if its like WOA A NEW GAME I NEVER GOT TO PLAY AND I LOVE FF! ... opinions might differ ...
one tater left - its been a while but i remember why i was sold from the first vid, the amount of work the guy puts into the montage and the presentation style , the enthusiasm, making lunar city sound like the next coming of the mandalorian (ofcourse i assume youd have to have a little french under the hat for that but that shouldnt stop you b/c i bet google a.i. will translate it relatively well ,since its french) ... thats conviction, not clickwhoring, i liked it first time, i still do ... petits loulous , hehe
setup in front of the screen, tho i refuse eating and anything but morning coffee anywhere near my borg peripherals time is (im really sure of that) in shorter supply the more you use of it, days could take ages as the kid, now i wake up and its already time to think about first cycle (this condition which i keep as as an actfor so many years now ... at €17 i cant help but notice that, despite it being the cheapest option AND btw, my dear and good friend , mister Garibaldi, what they sell in supermarkets AINT FRESH PRODUCE, if you grew up with grampaw-maw you might know the difference but in the age of conglomeratedCrotter its harder and harder to find small stores (like amigastore or cbmretro for instance for non-edibles (not sponsored but just content) ) ... it also suffers the usual "anywhere between 20 to 300 %" which is not inflation b/c there IS no inflation anymore (strange b/c i always thought inflation is inherent to the economic system they all like so much, its standard included every year ... its like part of how it works and the system cant go without it so every time i hear "inflation is over" i HAVE TO THINK OMG THAT MEANS THERES SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG BECAUSE THEIR WHOLE SYSTEM IS BROKEN ! and ofcourse .. all things together considering the current situation if worst comes to worst i think meat would be something for once a month at best. SO .. i usually go for rice or pasta (which i really like , i WANTED TO MOVE TO ASIA BEFORE 40 I RANTED ENOUGH ABOUT THAT TOO) which on the practical side for a loners such as we also doesnt really spoil before i eat it even if im REALLY frugal b/c i want to save up a whole year for a misterfpga or something, say maybe ... i hear the raspberry pi 5 might finally be worth something ... a full desktop experience under 30 watts, if it can stream youtube at least at 720p i might be in for the first time and OOO wow, but today we have taters, cabbage and sausage you see, WITH GRAVY (tho its calle sauce here) , grandma style , tho actually b/c grandma fell sick REALLY early grandpa did most of the cooking i can remember AND ... well, you dont have the option to "just go outside" and eat for $1 or $2 if you know a local codeword in vietnam, and this is not malaysia where a student might get by away from home on €10 a day food transport housing school included and not the filippines where my cuz took of to with his happy nurse wife at €5 a day (even added 30% id say thats probably more than belgium) ... BUT
im drifting ... lets press space and peel taters
right ... peeling taters, lukes gotta eat...
some time later ... (this is a bottom-up experience so you should take a mirror and read it backwards like natas would) ... (went to the veggie store for greens 'n taters, 1sts of the month, you know ... luckily there still IS one tho the market is nice that place also holds humans, which ... well i dont think i need to explain that anymore or else you are a bad stalker, straggling alien reader ... so press space to continue, it WOULD be nice to see Molyneux64 and how it all fits ... i wonder if someone can fit that on a .d64, i personally already gave up on the idea since .crt must be the way to go looking at briley and EOB , and also how the guy underscores how "this is not america" b/c shit like that dont mean anything, it would be easier if you spoke or understood french (like "EVERY belgian speaks dutch AND french" in someones 1960s dream) b/c americans would never say "une pompe dans le cul" but France is not america either so it doesnt matter b/c Jesus aint gonna come shoot you over that (not here, but maybe he just doesnt live here in the central cesspit ahahahaha)
right ... peeling taters, lukes gotta eat...
back from summerholiday ... monsieur coucou est d retour chez c petits loulous ... i bet this is a guy who was watching ken le survivant and chevaliers du zodiac on club dorothee on wednesday afternoons too (maybe where i learned my first french, and, after something named or dubbed "Goldorak" on RTL definitely my first anime - never seen anything like it before that, got hooked there and then. The fizz guy certainly seems to be looking for friends and community there and, now im here i was wondering if but it is : showcased on lemonspawns gallery : ... certainly looks like an interesting game but 24 hours in a day that also need programming, programming64 and playing briley dont leave space in time to play every release (for the c64 its actually amazing i cant follow up and play all releases on a 40 yo machine lol) even programmed a USA-DOS level editor and was hoping to find interested ppl to port it to other platforms since he would open the source in TRSE which would make it relatively easy to port so ... have at it eheh , btw it pronounces fleisch gemuese (which i think is meat-vegetable or something alike but my german was my worst language in hischool and i actually never used it irl so its not just rusty its moldy) in french i dont know something like "fla(h)ish gamuse" ... it certainly looks interesting enough and shows the stuff trse is made for, with the tilelevels and all that, its far from 64complete to pass the turing64-test but if you tackle 40 platforms at once by yourself i bet 24 hours (and i assume most of THESE people have a life too somehow) is a bit short. Multiplexing with open borders certainly took me inline ASM, on top of that its the first time i came into contact (lets say conflict) with what i read now is "cycle-stealing" by sprites over colour scanlines (rasterbars - rasterlines) which takes out of the 64 you get per line BUT THE GOOD THING IS, thanks to messing around in TRSE i found out stuff like that, how many cycles per line and the notion of cycle-stealing by the vic + what rotten lines actually are or "why" b/c vic needs to drag characters and all that, plus TRSE has no "open borders" command so i had to figure that out too and ... for now my project file OR the ide is in a state where if it throws an error i get the program telling me a linenumber somewhere 20 or 30 above which (i think) also sets off the cycle-count line to the right ... but for a free work in progress im not complaining and it certainly kept my head away from thing and gat, i find nothing up til today to be more immersive than my girlfriends censored which i remember i think from another life to ALWAYS find a very interesting spot in the universe that kept my attention focused AND programming64 ... probably b/c i have to recount my cycles with every sprite this time and i actually dont know exactly how many what does when multiplexing some over coloured bars while the north and south border are open. BUT i think after this i move to .crt format anyway, i seen TRSE has a 16kb template and i read on SJA pages that Neutron (shmup) was a 16kb cart compo so i thought if i can make up 16kb carts there must be a way to link them later b/C afaik the bigger stuff like easyflash (and i heard something about A FOUR MEGABYTE EXPANSION ?????) all use 16kb banks b/c thats what you get in memory of the real machine, giving the original experience : despite even if you have a game that uses 10 easyflash format .crt images as floppies you still have the 64kb at once to work with but .. i think im drifting off the subject here
click pic to load video
(mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick) Haa, well since were at it we might as well check out all of it. I think between these three monthly its gonna be quite hard to miss new and/or upcoming titles and announcements in gameland64 ... tho retrogamingdino doesnt need much comments, it certainly gives you the I NEED TO CHECK THIS or thanks for saving me the download that is not my thing-treatment :p ... great, if i find count Clone and i get misterfpga in a second dimension running as much amiga and st as i run 64 in this one i might need a few more channels tho ... i have absolutely NO clue whats going on in ST land (well i HAD one you see ... the old machine broke down too fast and i had an ST after that, strange turn perhaps but it came with a 100 turn civilization demo which i must have played 999 times to turn 100 before i found the actual game (You just try to find a game store that sold ST games back then here in GAT ... anyway ... still cleaning veg'ties since it just had to be done but i have been slowly disintegrating for hours. Check out the vid , decide what you like, send them a billion if you wanna support them, all that, you know it ... greetings to : Hotline, Razor, Warez-bb and toothless (and the others lol) ...
the "tested if working on sd2iec or kungfuflash" will move to if devs post updates we wont put these back on the top download b/c we (almost always) download the latest versions, but they WILL show in the triedntested pages ... or should at least
Most recent downloads:

  1. The Isle of the Cursed Prophet +5D it works with sd2 ...
  2. Hopman by Inufuto , this guy seems to port his game to like EVERYTHING, a different kind of crazy, heard about it here :p, figures, it seems on vice (64sc), you really have to not autostart but attach .tap and then as the site says load "",1,1 , wait your tap-time and go sys4096 b/c autostarting loads it but sys 4096 afterwards doesnt work ... havent checked the excess release there but im sure that one works "out of the box" ... thats a lot of platforms tho, Inufuto-san (-sensei ?) :p
  3. Giana Power Edition 2023 by
  4. Attack of the Mutant Camels +5DHM 101%(Hokuto Force) (hi score saver :) )
  5. Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure v1.2 (discovered here, thanks Excess
  6. petaxian (Ex+2hdg) CROThub
  7. Dig Dug Revival 1.2
  8. Dig Dug Revival 1.1>
  9. Arlasoft Collection
  10. Dig Dug Revival(laxity / +++ /hi )
  11. news stand
  12. Briley Witch Chronicles
  13. Zeta Wing 2
  14. Zeta Wing
  15. Snow Force
  16. neutron
  17. Eclipse(music/sid)
  18. Sir Arthur preview
  19. Bruce Lee, return of fury
  20. Nixy
  21. Eye of the beholder
  22. The Great Giana PETSCII Sisters
  23. The peninsula v2.1

  1. Star Bars Atari 2600 Music Editor v1.3
  2. Future-Composer V4.1 Triad Onslaught
  3. Polly Tracker V1.2
"other" Tools
finished in this case means : endscreen with no cheat codes or trainers or lookups on google ... probably why i still havent Elden ring hehe"downloaded" gets moved to finished when finished (.."IF" ...)

edit 20230913 : time sure dilutes over time but we feel the whole world has diluted ... panties !!! (seriously buy a pair wear them 4 times and you get a hole), sockcs ... , (prods ...? :) ), hardware-for-2-years and mostly : humans. Havent dl/ed much after dl'ing a lot we probably wont ever get to b/c we already had most of it from other releases. There seems a few really good things coming tho and theres new releases every month (not limited to sids or smalltros but games and sadly stuff like starbars comes along not too many , maybe next time a gameboy blipper ? hehe ...)
edit 20230807 : edited the page some shifting in layout, and removed the working on tab because those are now all at AlleyCat64::TriedNtested . Im not gonna put down which one got an alm and which ones didnt , we want to be fair but between pc and c64 games the monthly budget doesnt allow to buy ... well this month there wont be baldurs gate anyway. But we do try if we play a game to extinction and we do try if we use something months after downloading. Sadly we is poor people. Otherwise we'd be producers and directors ... (ofcourse)
edit 20230728 - donkey kong 2016 Oxyron ... not like i havent played it to extinction. I remember those handheld nintendo boxes, foldable that has 1 game on it : donkey kong, a pre-pre-pre-decessor of a gameboy, in gradeschool somewhere one of the kids had one, then several had one ... played it rotten ... even in a day when you played tradecards with trucks and spaceships. I kinda like revamped 8bit versions of 8bit games, stuff by people who enjoyed it a lot and know the machine 30 years better now than whoever wrote it back then , bug out the quirks and add nothing but better response and audiovisuals while keeping the game. I mean, i got giana sisters new version on pc too ... i dont feel like im playing giana sisters ... its a great game for a pc platformer but its just not the kid-zone when i boot it. Ofcourse at this rate im gonne and up with a colletion the like of steam where i played about 10% of what i have (this would be cheaper tho ...)
That said we'll be maintaining (at our leisure) a page for "tried and tested" on both or either sd2iec drive and kungfu flash cart Here at this page
pics64 :
relikwary (2-1 ratio 12 colors)
as item 9 : after reading nordichsound interview in the sceneworld diskmag which i found out about via airwolf/ F4CG youtube channel i checked out the tools he mentioned. Since personally we cant draw anything but stick figures without gimp & blender (but WITH it becomes a different reality as Orm Skaerer, Xian-Kirei and others will testify to) so this is an un-edited dithertron "multi" pic - the nice thing is you get the pic the way a 64 can display it and if you want to retouche you can just up multipaint of pixcen (or whatever) And lo and behold thats what you get for not having had a 64 between 1990(ish) and 2020('22?21?not too good at years-exact timing). The picture multi = 160x200 "with a 2:1 pixel ratio" (thats the 1980s for ya i bet or more like the 1970s guys having the money to do stuff in the 1980s) which, if converted with imagick gets a 256 color image (no good) and when imported in multipaint gets something nasty ... so this is "12 color 160x200 with 2:1 pixel = 320x200 irl on screen version) should have known even retouching wouldnt come for free in retro-mode. I forgot the export the original to a .bin (or does it prg?) file so ill have to retry that. Its not meant for pixar(t) anyway but you know ...
now playing:
edit 2023 10 01 : ... whaddya think ? We continue our journey down Sarah Jane Avory's rabbit hole (dont take that the wrong way ... i know its 2023 and pictures of woodstock where women have nipples under a shirt are NFSW so dont that THAT the wrong way - this is not america ... i also come from a time where chatgpt didnt write your demos and you didnt disclaim everything 10 times before you said it).
that said ...
i think i found a followupper for when i finish this in Isle of the Cursed prophet, it seems to work on sd2 (ofcourse it wouldnt be the first time "THE" scene fixes stuff and cleans it up for end-users, well find out later. Still have EOB but i kinda already played that tho i never finished it. Im still struck by the sheer amount of work that went into all 680.000 bytes of Briley, spent all that time using up all mana to grind xp before bed every play-day and then "after the storm" it feels like everything before was an intro as it kinda picks up more pace too. But its everything , its like totally polished and ... now having had the pleasure of having had two words from the girl-wonder herself she states she really nearly does everything herself, AND is on briley 2 (... and has ideas for 3 and 4 but ofcourse, if ideas were money, id be Elon Musk² tho i dont she lives in belgium and the name has a bit of ojou-sama to it , no offense, nothing but praise for mad skills) ... i guess the "i write short stories" part isnt a lie either . BUT, psytronik ! dont let that discourage you even if you need 10 guys to fill 180kb ... not everyone can be fairlight in the 64k division ... its like SJA and Psytronik are mostly my great hopes for gaming64 as they seem to enjoy if not focus on one of my favourite genres the jRPG, to which the c64 lends itself just fine for the skilled designer, you're just limited by the story you want to tell and how far that goes inside your head. Im REALLY hoping to see multi-cart games spanning 2 megabytes or more, since we can .. you can even if you like sell a physical box with a full kungfu cart handsoldered if not by the guy from Finland then by someone who can, slot a 1gb sd card in it, box it and even if it costs more on the first run ... you can stick to sd cards after that and have like ... "up to 1000 megabyte games" using a floppy or .d64 to save since i dont think you can have some kind of memory resident slot in the current carts which stays there between hard boots other than the .crt image itself (which works fine by the one since you can "do you want to overwrite the .crt image with the new data and it will have your savegames on it too) but other than that, despite the lack of loading times you get nothing off of your real experience, no dual sids, no turbo cpus ... just a good old c64 with unlimited floppies you dont have to switch. Right, lets curb that until so, i mean ... if someone wanted to that would be 100% possible to do, not sure what the cost per box would be on 1000 or 1500 (whatever it is they sell for those, it must be more of a hobby with perks than an income anyway) but in essence oyu just need one that has the kungfu cart in it and the c64 gaming world is safe for another 10 years.
... and thus ... lets call it r&d , the more i see, this being a post-2020 game (post 2020 games & demos on original machines truly are the best i dare say) - the more i figure i need to check, even if i can learn on multiplexing and counting cycles (and re-counting them every time another sprite appears apparently ... such a strange machine you have there)to make a single rasterling not flicker ... learning how to cook up 600+ kb worth of tiles and animated sprites thats over the level of drawing stick figures b/c i cant use blender to compose ... that might be another thing, the code is learnable and we can kick a beat ... pixel graphics are a different chapter lol and also, the part where it plays sound FX during a sid tune (which ill assume runs the usual 1 in 50 irq call) on the (which ill assume 3) usual channels without stopping the song and goes "pscht" or "mwweaong" ... i just figures : i dont know jack about that but its not really something that you just do cuz you have 3 channels and you cant just stop the music to play the sound so is that something like "pcm-mixing" or whatever ? guess ill find out too. And also that, stuff like newsstand and stuff like hopman in all its simplicity is much appreciated, ALL games are much appreciated, just like all demos are gud demos b/c they express soul (well they SHOULD unless chatgpt wrote them) but not everyone can be fairlight in the 64k department. DEFINITELY looking forward to smash bros, someone who got Bonzai to enlist cant be too bad at it and ofcourse, you have scenoids now who have their rep at stake, i dont see how that game could end up failing. Not just meonlawel (and now we heard BRILEY 2 ! ) so many more, even the rpg64 which has a preview looks like it could simply make a great engine that is limited by the story it tells. Think about cult success of stuff like "ctulhu saves the world" (free on steam PC) ... and again im thinking, the one thing here missing is NOT an RTX 4000 series ... its a crt screen, now even more screaming with mister fpga in the house BUT WHERE O WHERE does one get an authentic crt screen thats not 30 years old and might break anytime if one doesnt have enough know on electronics to fix it ???? as to the devs : you cant let your eyes burnout on scenoids or wonderwoman like SJA ... you just gotta do your thang but i think the most important other than your soul, your story and your thang is : "do NOT FEED THE "euhm ... "do NOT rush any production out before its done to YOUR satisfaction" , i mean ... if you're in it to get a second ferrari, you're probably on the wrong platform tho theres nothing wrong with winning a trip to ibiza for your effort i doubt many ferraris will be earned but your name shines all through the longest living, BEST SELLING box of all times ...
we have spoken ... way overtime too ...tsk
edit 2023 09 24 : aaaand ... BRILEY ! i put the savegames here but the script doesnt pick up on .zip files which we will try to alter somewhere between here and demented (or dead which is mostly the same thing from my personal observations) ... being able to take an actual screenshot with some dongle from teh 64 would actually be nice too. ho look at the time ...
aaaand ... BRILEY ! ... not that i havent checked this and that but i always been more of a finish-this-gamer than a HAVE TO BE WITH THE PACKer, i guess of the lord of the trees is genetically prone to solitude. Finally got to test those , i mean i tested them when i unpacked them ofcourse, atari joysticks from etsy-CANADA. €3.5 a piece, €10 for 3 of which one has a faulty fire button i can use to practice screwing since i have one that has a faulty "to the right" stick. By the time it was at my frontdoor 60% of the almost €70 was Ursula-tax and topminister tax but i cant blame me for that. WE have here a savegame .d64 (its somewhat right after the storm which by now feels like "the intro" somewhat since the game just opened up the gates) in case someone been like "o yea" and then left it b/c 20 other things needed loading. In case you wonder, you can use the .crt image in a kungfu flash (which measn in easyflash too) AND use an sd2iec drive with a blank floppy image (if , like me, you dont have the money, space and luxury to have an actual 1541 whirring away AND a stack of authentic floppers to boot ...) , turn computer on , load "fb" or whatever menu, load a blank disk image (created with VICE or something), then push the cart button (green one on the kungfu i have) open up menu, load briley.crt and you can save to both or either floppy image or cartridge ... VERY convenient, right ... 10 watt retrogaming aside ... 20 watt retrogaming still has more flair , now WITH non microswitch sticks for more authentic retro-experience !!!! (i bet it cost less than the beer and cigarettes you had this week ...)
edit 2023 09 03 : Briley ... im still not out-amazed at how much went into that and what a 670kb game means to a c64 and still questioning : is SJA doing this all by oneself ? b/c that would be fucking impressive ... at this point due to grinding habits since final fantasy VII im kinda hoping not to run into a "XP overflow error" or something that might happen b/c no one protected the game against fanatic rpg'ers ... but seeing how everythings polished i assume that will be taken into account. the "works on sd2 with charger or fastloader in kungfuflash" has some more entries too, its not like its a chore or an obligation or anything and i probably do this more for myself b/c even if there were visitors to this place who arent lost aliens i never kinda check the access logs and stats ... (yes if it were a commercial site im sure behaviour would be different but thats unlikely to happen anymore in this lifetime even if i grow to be 120 in een gat ...) - well after this it can only be one option and thats EOB , and if i kill Neutron past stage 7 i think newsstand ... its not like theres a system or an obligation either, im neither scener nor a gamer nor a rocker nor a raver, we is a little bit of everything but experts in none thats why we level slow but you know how it goes in Gygax : lvl 20-20-20 multiclassers are unbeatable so i think we need some extra lives to get there. And as for the "Briley-engine" ... still hoping to see more games using it (if its available that is) b/c it seems like a waste to use a frame like that for just one game ...

Featured Petscii or Gfx :
by ZeroDesign
basic code here :
made with Petmate - code might need checking b/c we didnt yet
fcourse - just wait until syntax error puts the supercycling ASM under it, itl be like bonlight offending boozed up back with a vengeance (ofcourse !) - the only way to say "that sucks" is to make one and submit it that says "but i can do THIS", dont be a wanker :) (you dont have to submit btw- there are no have-to's here)
these intermediaries will be removed but we'll dig up what we have to check the site and workings
We would like to dedicate this site to a game everyone's probably forgotten about ...
when we booted up VICE again after not finding a working hard machine within bum(d)-get we said if we ever do something other than aim for a demo with borderless multiplexed sprites in the bottomleft border while rubbing a zoomscroller in your face that moves over vector-simulated 3D superpetfli , it has to be wizardry - and these guys like do a pseu-3D in basic, thats points !!!!
featuredv playlist here

JoG 2023,
switched it so it can pick one from a folder in case we actually get to making more of them (and hopefully better) so far,
logopic attempts made withMultipaint

le sTuff
link ::Downloads
I moved the download links to the common downloadpage
but for .d64 each separate description file still exists. Programming tends to happen with cbmprgstudio (which is just fine for us so far and we also dont need to prove anything that we're aware of) and vice but the actual machine we have here is an original wristkiller breadbox with a 6581 sid , as purist as it gets ... at €110 with an sdiec2 drive (and an original hard-click atari joystick AND a composite cable AND a datasette ...) it was kinda pretty good deal (the sd drive new costs €55 i saw later), the thing looks like it had never been taken out of the box either but we havent dared open it yet (why risk something that might have survived 40 years in a hole by poking into it for no reason while it works ?) so most stuff will be aimed at that, not that 85xx which seems to be omnipopular now but it shouldnt be a problem since it should work on the 2nd batches just fine (whatever comes of it)

credz for 3rd party assets : one font :
the other from

The whole thing with the lots of talking moved to "the Demo", all subsections are listed with timestamps so theres not really any need to elaborate.
What we will try to keep is a small bit with 10 last (what we consider significant or are using/playing) releases/updates on both or either hard- or soft- front. TRSE still has "nightly builds" or so it says on the site so to keep track of what changed for the 64 is abit much atm ... as for the rest ... (this is personal okay and also : the web doesnt end at csdb or pouet)
this part might not be 0day up to date since we dont keep alarm bells on youtube (we DO subscribe to channels for support-in numbers but we dont sit waiting by the window for the bellman to arrive)
WE, the shards of JoG, decided to mark out this part for now (you can rightclick? right ?) b/c we dont have a fulltime hobby doing almorkat within what little time is left in a 2.1 cycle a day life, at least until we get a better system and/or fix it to janesbirdie so we can update it like that and it takes out the last for the newest items. (tho scraping of some sort might be better but not sure what site to scrape for items .. maybe lemon but you knowwwwwwww... this is a tribute, not something to prove and its certainly not making euros)
if i said , im sorry but im starting to hurt, it would probably be somewhat hard to explain the starting to as compared to the standard ... hard to imagine pulling 16 hour days + 2 in the truck standing 7m high on a ladder with a cable 100m long full of water under pressure spraying diluted acid to clean greenhouses feeling the way i do today
and frankly my dear, if i had known it would have ended here for life i probably wouldnt have heh heh
anyway, the c64 doesnt seem to be an endangered species again yet once more
2023 10 03
frend64, with nothing to prove, no deadlines and no agenda, important people are always late anyway ...
there seems to be something
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