202404 Retrofans May 01 2024 07:07:15.
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this "filemtime", not "today is"

20240501 : plz remember the top date on page means "index page edited at" not any of the include files
20240415 : added Hermits javascript sidplayer with a prelim list Aeneid sits in the personal top 10 tho ...
20240413 : we can SEE its a mess, thx, things will fall in place
20240406 : we kinda misplaced the data and have to re-enter feb, jan and dec but normally it wouldnt stand on mar in apr - it will be a mess until its less of it - nothing to prove, miss64 is simply the first one to ever say hello world to us (miss Amiga only did that last month after we finally found Amos ...)
20240404 : switched the browser emulator to https://c64emulator.111mb.de/index.php?site=pp_javascript&group=c64 , which seems to (not be a perfect copy of real hw but) give options, maybe dragging links directly can be whacked into it at some time , looks like it doesnt work with anything but maybe it needs special headers (in which case id need to know what illegal codes i need to put in the header and dissect every demo so that will probably not happen b/c i dont get paid to debug other ppls shit (in this case great shit imo, WELL DOCUMENTED TOO , EXCELSIOR!) ... the demo works fine you can find it on csdb but the browser thing seem to murder the scroller ... browser wasm has (to us) a notorious reputation with variable framerates, something a c64 doesnt have so the music might take a little jump here and there too probably its that ... but nobody heres a pro so we dont know ... glad we got in a shape and form of existence where we can at least manage a few lines of html and php this week after seeing hedgehogs where there werent any from over-exhaust ... "things will fall in place" as one cred if it bothers you theres probably a button in the top-right and you will be saved. (things WILL fall in place, you just have the wrong idea on how entropy = balance but you mowing the lawn actually upsets that so the universe has to fix it, YOU HOMO-CENTRIST YOU .. *ahem*...)