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but for .d64 each separate description file still exists. Programming tends to happen with cbmprgstudio (which is just fine for us so far and we also dont need to prove anything that we're aware of) and vice but the actual machine we have here is an original wristkiller breadbox with a 6581 sid , as purist as it gets ... at €110 with an sdiec2 drive (and an original hard-click atari joystick AND a composite cable AND a datasette ...) it was kinda pretty good deal (the sd drive new costs €55 i saw later), the thing looks like it had never been taken out of the box either but we havent dared open it yet (why risk something that might have survived 40 years in a hole by poking into it for no reason while it works ?) so most stuff will be aimed at that, not that 85xx which seems to be omnipopular now but it shouldnt be a problem since it should work on the 2nd batches just fine (whatever comes of it)

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