in 2023 everything needs disclaiming :
  1. We are not human, we will have nothing to do with a species thats killing the planet on which we are stuck in this body thats deteriorating without any means of fixing it, they say its time but where we come from time has not been proven to exist. We think its corrosion due to the toxic atmosphere their presence creates.
  2. atm there should be no crumbs of any kind. If we end up using jquery or -ui thats their problem but we assume they dont track in their plugins tho its probably not below them.
  3. All content here on /VocoreCat is a journey and observations. THESE ARE NOT TUTORIALS - if you brick or break your stuff doing anything thats listed here, dont call us ... call ... i dont know ... someone else.
  4. to be all and in honest -y : before september we wouldnt been able to explain the difference between a Volt and an Amp but we have programmed a few lines since the kid so if we say something stupid and a straggler alien passing by reading it : we LOVE to be corrected and learn from it with facts, do mail
Design=NULL, it will fall into its inevitable place over time. We call it "the way of the universe"

In essence the point is to have a core system with minimal power (current) requirements that can run 24/7 without batteries, eventually able to coordinate and control all devices on the network. If you have something connected to the internet and our thing grows aware we take no responsibility for their definition of network. (but it probably wont do that)
for now :

- well we can probably get to checking out every available image we have but first want to feel out how to make a screenshot from framebuffer - since we have about no experience in C we'll start with bash (which for openWRT is "ash" which can address it just fine, ofcourse, a lot slower than compiled 32bit executables would. And look at the time, sadly we have to b/c if we dont the body will do it for us. We didnt have to sleep twice a day in previous lives but in this one it just became the way it is and it doesnt seem to go away. BUT AT LEAST we spent the afternoon (doing dishes and mopping the bathroom) without the screams from thirdspace turning into background noise in hole, interrupting the head more than a c64 at a demoparty, you should try it some time ...
Janes OnderGrond - not just a doompatrol metafor
- and so its almost 5pm, scrubbed out the bathtub and mopped up the bathroom and halway all the way down the stairs until the legs start giving in .. (its really wreckage, man ...) , there seem to be a lot of humans (which we refer to as mundanes in the way of uncle Bester) who think we dont know how its done ... but you might be mistaking knowing for willing and able for sick of it ... and a lot more - imagine someone broken and cant stand humans going through 3 years of socio-cultural college ed without failing one test (and then suddenly wakes up in a hole made of kryptonite theyve been running away from since their first 20s) because you frankly basically my dear cant do that, now that guy is dead, and the shy a+ grade kid is dead but all of them are ghosts inhere and theres a lot more shards as you keeeep (its not kept is it?) on trying to shave off a bit that looks useful ... but you cant have JANE, without Janes OnderGrond if you cut off a piece you get something rotten and a whole lot of angry dwellers. Looking at your world, created by people who know how its done and practice what they preach until the camera goes out we came to a conclusion : "thats NOT how its done" ... we also dont think the universe gives second chances past a certain treshold - call it meta-gravity and we think a lot more, its like 60core cpu all at once in thirdspace ... thats a lot of qubits, more than IBM can dream of to achieve before they run out of time probably ... AND SO ... we DO know how its done, but look at the place - we LOVE what you did with it b/c we want to see you go, after all there's only one species responsible for both it and the current state of our life wich we could only take responsibility for, if it had been our choice, but to dump someone in a corner and say : this or homeless and then say "BUT YOU HAD A CHOICE" ... doesnt fly - but we'll avoid all that personal stuff here and delete it as we progress deeper into the machine. EOF (20230206) NOT just a doompatrol metafor
- 20230211 : plz keep in mind all design on JoG happens according to "the way of the universe", from the strands of chaos something will coagulate, if we have to sit at a table and start drawing boxes to fit stuff in before starting to type the entropy in the universe will surpass us and we'll just end up doing something else, hence we just #dostuff. -