in 2023 everything needs disclaiming :
  1. We are not human, we will have nothing to do with a species thats killing the planet on which we are stuck in this body thats deteriorating without any means of fixing it, they say its time but where we come from time has not been proven to exist. We think its corrosion due to the toxic atmosphere their presence creates.
  2. atm there should be no crumbs of any kind. If we end up using jquery or -ui thats their problem but we assume they dont track in their plugins tho its probably not below them.
  3. All content here on /VocoreCat is a journey and observations. THESE ARE NOT TUTORIALS - if you brick or break your stuff doing anything thats listed here, dont call us ... call ... i dont know ... someone else.
  4. to be all and in honest -y : before september we wouldnt been able to explain the difference between a Volt and an Amp but we have programmed a few lines since the kid so if we say something stupid and a straggler alien passing by reading it : we LOVE to be corrected and learn from it with facts, do mail
Design=NULL, it will fall into its inevitable place over time. We call it "the way of the universe"
We are not sponsored in any way and theres no crypto to fund either so monetizing is something passing aliens wont have to worry about. You can check the products at Vongers site
The base computer costs $17 at time of writing but thats for true hardcore level 0 soldering machine geeks. We got the vocore2 ultimate and the vocore 4inch (usb-mini) lcd screen. The whole thing is we dont feel ready to be a soldering geek b/c so far all soldering in life turned out to be close to avant-garde monsters from Software would use for dark souls (it usually worked but ... *no comment*) practice (makes perfect?) "NEEDS MONEY" actually...
So the thing is we picked a vocore2 ultimate and a 4 inch screen b/c of the dock that has usb IO, microUSB io (for serial connection as well to login), ethernet jack, sound jack, microsd slot all present in 1cm³ AND if we ever want to get to the GPIO data points and the voltage/current throughput points we can always dislodge it from the dock, taking off the plastic casing isnt very hard. We had one before but bent a pin somehow and after much mucking about and making it work again several times in the end we succeeded in totally rekking it. which is better done with a $17 pc than a rig that can run Icarus on windows at 30 fps (... no comment). We are fairly new to the electronics part but decided to pick it up since one needs to have something to do between bouts of insanity on the few clair hours of the day which happen mostly at night and the kid always wanted to (its pretty close to the computer as is and logical AND is c64 asm is likely the same principle) The screen is 4inch, not because it is easy or for the $20 difference but b/c its the lowest power use of all screens AND regardless the physical size all screens have the same resolution , colour depth and sync rate (30/24fps depending on color depth). So this minimal setup (which is maximal for the system used in fact) when the wifi runs full throttle + screen should stay under 5V/500milliamps - probably even with a small silent fan on top it will still stay under that. Thats an essential requirement for our post-apocalyptic affordable setup here.
The screen is a bit squishy, well more like the connector is, but these things are meant to sit in a casing so caution is needed, we'll try to stick it with some tape for the time being so it doesnt micro-tear when moving or the (original prime style!)breadboard slips - its a small place here ... Aw the screen is a touch screen too (which works we been able to test that) which makes it really gadgetty ... we wont stake our supreme rep (the non slandered one) on it but think we read somehwere they're german manufacture (china and germany have been on trading terms big time and a lot better before the current state of the state) ...
o the time - well thats okay because we got nothing to prove and the last thing wed want is to help out a specied that rekt us , and ESPECIALLY give crotter any ideas they earn on while keeping us dry ... the body calls for first cycle too. whoever says what : we have no friends (on purpose since here) and no one actually knows anything about about the last 20 years or so so at best you get old third-hand information, DONT BOTHER ---oooo well, if you end up in a state where everythings a trigger because you into a thing made of mostly holes and stuck you in a place where every pebble is a trigger and had our life and were born in this hole ... THEN MAYBE you get to speak about that, otherwise stick to the topic ... please :)
one of the funny bits is that the kodak pixma took about the same dive that western digital super purple BUILT FOR 24/7 security systems did , some 20-30cm and where 2terabyte of data are fubar beyond affordable (cant really spend €1500 on a maybe) the kodak screen like split immediately too - 20cm drop ... AND we dont know the model, we just know its 3 inch, its not that these things are hard to replace but since its a brand machine it probably gonna akt up when you dont put the exact same prefab model especially bought by the million and not available to plebs into it ... thats too bad, even if its "only a hundred dollar" we cant afford another one so taking pics is by intuition because all the screen displays is white and a tear - - - lets hope the other one doesnt
spot the 7 differences , which one is the vocore ?
well at least half of that is scrapware we got for free so dont trouble come looking for the money, there is none b/c if there were we wouldnt sit HERE and we WOULD have a roadblasters original arcade cabinet too. the camera fell 20cm (as did the backup drive) and the screen broke and all data gone so sharp images are a gamble (kodak doesnt say what type of screen is installed so even if we know replacing it probably isnt too hard, we cant just go ordering "a 3inch screen" ... its probably something custom to make sure you cant repair it simply.
so what works : everything so far with the current image and dhcp enabled on LAN (not wifi - dont NEED wifi hence dont HAVE wifi since WIFI is open to the kid sitting outdoors with the phone, looking for WIFI b/c in the social housing hood, money aint cheap like disneyland and we dont wanna get neighbourhood cop come asking "why were you looking at al qaeda decapitation videos" .. since we werent ... you see ? as this is not disneyland this is not disneyland and that's that
thus : wed like to try and make a screenshot from /dev/fb0 first , and in ash nonetheless b/c for the love of life we dont know how to cross-compile an executable (yet) b/c we never done that. but shell scripting should work, speed is not the essence here. The audio works but it suffers from serious interference AND so far we couldnt play a sample b/c it keeps giving decoder format errors ... which might or might not be a bug. But one thing : wed like to get at least this down before we open up the breadboard'502 section cuz if we cant hack this we might burn something fubar there and as said before : money aint cheap, i dont see crotter sending us a billion to dev a new laser either so this is it (we're still looking for landmines and barbed wire tho to make it to 2050 here)

nothing on this site, subsites or main site has been generated using a.i. barring temp logos like the current with, third party insertions like jquery or phaser are not our responsibility either. Everyone does as they want if they dont get up our arse or in our panties. Our privacy is not for sale and no one is invited to peek (if you are we'll let you know, theres no default "come in" setting). Personally though, if we feel we cant come up with a title or a page of write , a block of code and have to ask an a.i. to do it and then backpat ourselves on the good work, wed rather take a break b/c we couldnt live with the feeling that the we have insulted the gods who blessed us with the anomaly of creative forces - ... please dont submit anything written by a.i. on any of the sites either - its not like we sit scrutinizing, if you wanna cheat yourself into thinking what a great creator you are theres words for that but out of the scope, thx very much.

updates and rambles
Last file upped : 20220821 (media) / Last update : 20230226 (scripts/html ...)
  1. 02/26/2023 :
    17:25:06: : checked out the available prebaked img with the touchscreen demo - which seems to have everything working xept for the fact that the screen sits mirrored at the long axis so the touch events happen on the wrong side (so its either fb0 or input thats reversed) ... which means the command and memory location to flip the screen is required (assuming it will only flip the bitmap) or else code that uploads reversed images and offsets the touch events ... which seems like a big hassle - but everything works and we dont really need 30fps and more than 16bit color for the purpose intended so its unlikely we spend tons of time compiling wrt 22 from scratch unless we really cant think of anything to do. As systems advance they tend to get heavier anyway and we wont need wifi access so if anyones inside the lan its already fukt like planet::humans. It would be nice ofcourse but theres too much interesting stuff instead (uless Elon wants to pay us a billion to do it ofcourse :) - - get right on it.
    so now its down to going over every config file on it and scouring the forum for mem commands ???
  2. 02/24/2023 :
    16:57:06: : we got the display right for all but the fact that its mirrored but fairly sure we saw somewhere a mem command to flip a MIPS bit somewhere which should handle that,
    having been to the Vorlon homeworld, having been granted the blueprint of mundanes by the thing thats chained to a rock in space and through the others synced with the minbari : faith manages indeed.
    je crois en moi
    too bad you had to stick us in een gat waar dat niet en weirken is and stalk and slander till we're nothing but loose skitzos trapped in one body in a hole dat een gat is
  3. 02/22/2023 :
    17:54:56: : eh bon :
    16:31:32: : puritans ... actually never needed c, between 10 kinds of basic (agk compiled by pressing "f5", javascript, php (which gets compiled without hassle by ZEND), css has variables now ? does that make it Turing lol ... or c64/6502 asm (which obviously doesnt need much compiling altho asm actually still does (press f5 ? :) )
    nope ... yea lua, java, tenton onetime, bash sh doesnt need compiling ... dont even know about python ... et al
    besides : hip pro devs do rust now or something, right ? all these fashion statements while in the end if moores law is broken the only was is delevelling the code and optimizing it in the end AFTER all ... (or lose billions of cycles) - - ooooooo .... nevermind, science without filosophy - so C ... not c++ no, we still think its a bit of an abomination to pretend a machine knows objects ... are we then reverse-puritans or something ?
    nevermind ... its still compiling BOY ... wouldnt wanna do sometihng thats Gigabytes (unigine seems to work faster)
    Syntax Error
    16:07:23: : not sure why it continues with missing dependencies there but HEY - frontier psychiatry !
    16:06:45: : sjah well
    no experience with c (well maybe once or twice like patching fallout to work on wine 5000 years ago so we're fairly sure we'll figure it out but)
    well its doing "something" atm :)
    16:01:37: : heh, checked the stock openwrt/vocore2 22.03 (latest) image - which seems to work fine (xept for everything thats on the ultimate bit ofcourse) / for some reason on the forums or vocore site cant find pre-built images for use with the vocore2/ultimate (xept the original 18.04 one) and none that are built for use with vocore2/ultimate + screen either (youd think after all these years someone somewhere would have put it up somewhere ... well thats a bummer - gonna have to GIT (miCrotter buh) to get to compiling c programs and mips asm later anyway but a working image to "just get going" as service to the buyer doesnt seem all that strange (ofcourse, this is not america haha) - - (well it works, thats not the thing, it just doesnt work with the new images) so all this patching and what not while there could simply be "downloed wrt 22.03 for voc2 ultimate + screen "here" )
    just seems weirdly RTFM-era
  4. 02/21/2023 :
    16:16:59: : started the journey on "all images we can find" and see what works - somewhat of a journey on img1-standard for rank amateurs like ourselves but it beats press enter to continue b/c lo and behold pavlov gnome didnt get through
  5. 02/20/2023 :
    16:57:01: : thats a dud b/c they had to go and poke the thing in the cage today
    Syntax Error
  6. 02/19/2023 :
    16:06:37: : leave it here, the body's sending all kind of black-fushi spots, life is going nowhere so i cant see any reason to push the rush. Once you are there its probably a one-way ticket
    16:05:22: : its the scratchpad , not the site ... the site is just another way of keeping pavlov gnome from explaining "how normal people work" ... WE HAVE SEEN THAT FOR SOME DECADES NOW, PAVLOV GNOME, LOOK AT THE WORLD, THATS HOW NORMAL PEOPLE WORK, doesnt look *very efficient* to us :)
    cmdr Gato
    16:04:21: : flipped out the design a bit b/c its kinda pic-heavy atm and most of them 4k screenshots so its more or less tabbed over pages instead of loading the whole shebang in one (no thumbnails yet either) but as the way of the universe goes theres plenty of requires that can go inline once in a presentable state
    16:02:48: : figured out the current image has a fbusb.ko driver that doesnt honour the screen (whatever the reason is). We're not at the point of cross-compiling yet but at least we know the 16bit 565 format works out, framebuffer is correct but for some reason the display isnt ..
    so we'll have a meeting with lots of corporate garbage and job titles to decide what next
  7. 02/15/2023 :
    20:05:16: : from "why is that pixel pink" to "o look a fractal" ... and how to scp without configging files , a perlin scowls at you ready to attack. Slowgress is progress. Whats important here is, for almost two hours with breaks for breakneck pain avoidance , gatland has almost not interrupted our alpha waves ... THAT is important here - maybe not to you because YOU cant mule that, to us it quite very much is, thx ... so if we can analyze the hex sequences in those .bmp (who strangely enough give "error" non displayable in crotter gear we should be able to generate pictures or interfaces
    desu ka / des ?
    what if i told you ka and ? are one and the same ? would you be nationalist about it and say "..." o neermind ... yo it works, thats gud
    Syntax Error
  8. 02/14/2023 :
    16:48:44: : eeh, i guess its progress ... "slowgress is progress"
    Syntax Error
    04:33:44: : check (janes birdie global should now have clickable link to the updated site)
    Syntax Error
  9. 02/12/2023 :
    17:35:57: : gotcha
    cmdr Gato
    17:35:45: : ...
    17:35:37: : more like the winter is coming ... GoT-style
    17:35:09: : m-hm ...

    i think this is really the end just like the cmdr but we all believe it, right, the end of the sumerian era
    a new dark age ... when the space metal runs out its over - before it settles into "peaceful amish communities across the globe with 500.000 humans b/c the planet made them barely breedable"
    Syntax Error
    17:33:09: : hhuh, did you catch the guy who just said "but it wasnt made for that" (again) ?
    17:25:01: : so is the world as you know it ... it began in northwest eurotrashland - frozen wastes, mudpits
    looks like it might end there heheh
    and take the secrets beyond the rim - for the next big bang , too tired anyway - first cycle
    cmdr Gato
    17:24:05: : the tiny CGA gfx competition is over, saw some really neat stuff tho - still wondering if javascript 256 bytes takes script and canvas tags inside the bytecount (or if they run it on something else)
    17:21:27: : is that a diagnosis ?
    cmdr Gato
    17:21:15: : you are weird
    17:20:57: : unlikely - ... my point is to get the framebuffer down tho it would be better if there were some kind of directpoke to it
    and also moving forward, what IS the equiv of storing 0 in $D020 (so to speak) b/c getting down MIPS code a little doesnt guarantee getting down the vocore map - i dont even know if there is one ... but they usually reply i mean it must do something ... even if its poking to track.sectors on the (flash)drive or memory (if its stored like that)
    its actually slow on the i5 combo ... strange huh, you'd think a thing at 400mhz would prinft faster than a c64 prints in basic
    ... running it on the i5 combo you can still see the lines moving down, its not "POOF" frame there
    anyhoo - omoshiroi-ness but i doubt its gonna lend itself to shell-size coding hahah
    Syntax Error
    17:17:16: : but do we care about them ?
    17:17:02: : at glance id say, since even a complete dd if of is visible it seems unlikely to reach 30 fps using the framebuffer (but no idea how c will handle that) but using seq is probably not the best - its gonna expand inline so even if its gonne give python-ists a heart attack imo it would be better to hashtable it, have seq print the sequence to a file and use that inline , all number 0 .. 256, no calculations required, thats gonna save a few picoseconds but i saw somewhere about posix loops being WHILE
    so thats shorthand (i mean the other one is 640 numbers lol - thats gonna give all object oriented anti-machine guys a heart attack

    Syntax Error
    17:14:14: : Wellwell, what did we leer vandaag, kleine jan grotejan
    Meneer : yo momma is not POSIX
    ash != bash grep -p !=p and other obscure stuf that will be lost for generations anyway without spacemetal
  10. 02/11/2023 :
    17:31:35: : the main idea is still to have the vocore at the center (core) of the borg cube to address all accessible devices on the network so they can start their own whatever process, it should be just right equipped for that - - - what to do with it ? it says there : 1) build a time machine (the only real solution to our current life probably)
    17:30:11: : well i just wanna first-do the screen, so writing to fb0 with dd is fast b/c dd is fast if you use one "scanline" as blocksize and then offset to outputfile but all that dpends on fx - it would be nicer once i get some C digested and figure out how the driver writes to the screen , maybe you can "poke(x,y,color) somehow directly to the pixel io copying the whole thing at once , or ideally figure out the track.sector equivalent of the desired pixel. Which is gud, b/c life is going nowhere and we're in no hurry to get there
    Syntax Error
    17:05:44: : and style bits - its still very much in the way of the universe state
    17:05:37: : added some stuff
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