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as _-=-w.i.p.-=-_ as the universe until 2020 + 10^1100 ever will be :(press CLICK HERE to re-start using the intro since we didnt wanna shove it up yow-a (phaser)

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     ncdefm    ne     ncdm  
    n8P  Y8   n8'    n8~88  
    8P       d8'    n8' 88  
    8b      d8888b. V88888D 
    Y8b  d8 88' `8D     88  
     `Y88P' `8888P      VP  

**** fan64@alleycat.be PETNET Version ****
9223372036854775807 MAX INT LIMIT,
2013265920K RAM SYSTEM 596958380032 PETNET BYTES FREE
< - 640 px = 2*320 - >(8px)

very well aware thats not petsci ...(2*8px)
well now its somewhat petscii but a tad off (8px)

Since we're in super update mode . Its been 4 months ? the whole idea has shifted from a wizardry type game in "sanzus place"(name pending), a dungeon (obviously if its that) towards something more towards hillsfar but with sim &&|| management aspects. First : dont ask us how , we are "on the irq-loader" (heh) . Following cadavers instructions and dissecting that thing a bit it can load playing music switch banks and what not, which should be a good thing for this, as we remember, hillsfar (and definitely heart of the maelstrom) spent more time swapping than playing. The video should be in the great backup of 2022 Alphabet (youble a.o.) forced on us by suggesting we follow copyright school after threatening to close the whole account (not just youtube) b/c there was a 30 second clip taken from 9gag we uploaded to post on steemit as steemit doesnt do webm (its only 2022 after all) , without warnings or asking to please remove it b/c someone was losing ferraris, just BAM THREAT and "here little boy, "copyright school" ... insulted as we were with a straight yakuza face and a smile on top as usual it ended up with an empty account and terabytes of data to sort. Which is irrelevant to this, other than for the fact that the most recent vid, which basically shows only the irq loader is somewhere inthere. The game has an actual name now, not the workingtit "season workers of stenhjemme" but since Crotter sees all we are loathe to post it now, though most things are built on folk lore so we doubt even crApple has a patent on that.
We wanna finish that one little demo that was ongoing but after that its game-only for the 64 until its something displayable. Ofcourse, question remains : does an sd-drive work with irq loaders that copy data to the 1541 ram (didnt even know it had that until we read the cadavre bit) - one byte should be enough (or bit ?) for what it needs, b/c face it, in 64kb you wont be doing too much caching.
and that is august 2022
we are hardpressed to be hardpressed since the world is ending but HEY
why so serious?
the world is ending, your enemies are gonna die and admit it : you didnt have a future anyway (heh heh ... no SERIOUSLY ... )
giveafuks is broken for a while now - it begets less stress apparently, having NO expectations
but that 64 mode seems to quiet all down in the ondergrond and so we hope within one or a few years to have a half decent game and try with the last of nephilim to keep the legend going forever.
if by then we connect to the underscene we probably go hunting for Sarge-level pixers too ... blender is one thing ... pixing another lol
so, but thats all "by then" , we was wurking on a loader for the nftyr(not an nft-)site and maybe could get finished today and we can move on to filesorting day ... (because the gnomes are on strike and bill gates killed Crypto AND
besos owns all the money, every minute amazon makes one million dollar no one else on the planet has 1 of ... and thats not even sarcasm
yet irrelevant to this - we'll up that vid when we find it or make one when we get to 64day (dont ask ... its over the years developed OCD to make sure pavlov gnome is not trying to manipulate us)
Janes Ondergrondnot just a doompatrol metaforAlleyCat out.

hmmm - euhm - asking is not in our nature , (its a cultural local thing i suppose and not milennium enough (obviously since 1980s was already KCS)) but considering its scene and basically as much of a religion as the spaghetti monster, maybe even more right to be one, for the greater good it could be considered, but ONLY if we have something to show that says "hey look at this, care to add your signature magic to it ?" , otherwise, we swore to all our gods and demons (never met an angel xept a few succubi pretending to be) we would do it without crotter or die poor ...
so it looks like the latter :p ... but at least the world is ending , dry nuclear plants and solar panels in space (with 10km copper wire each ... we think ... not sure) aside, all our enemies are gonna die. Its a good time to be :)
edit 20220429:
"the game" - since we want back on a 64 , despite ultimate64 being as easy to get as a steam deck before 2023, theres two things : a demo and a game , which means learning the ropes since its been since the kid. We thought about the game and there could be only this , it has to be a C-rpg - well never forget asmyr adventure, apshai, hilssfar, but most of al wizardry heart of the maelstrom (but we won a lot more beer playing california and winter games) - so we gave it some actual thought (MAN, that hurt ...) and decided to stick to the same world Tyrnannoght will use (not marvel btw ... or d&d ...) , the games named prelim "sanzus place" and refers to what was orginally labelled "the dungeon down below" in the lower wards. Will put some updates here, its a hobby, we dont have youble subscribers and its most likely gonna be free and open (unless sony or blamco wants to do a revival64 and buys it out for a small 200 million ... ofcourse ... ) so the .d64 files will be on site under the files section . Dont expect too much for starters its really from blank, the first state is a small frame to fill in the dots. The intention was basic mostly but for the 20 lines it has its basically (basically huh-huh...) ALL kernal routines ... we dont use windows except for directx games so dev-tools are a bit scarce, cbmprg doesnt wanna, and debugger64 refuses more than half the key-combos and always says something about "snapshot this and that" ... since the idea of trying to find joy64 does not include nights of "trying to make the editor work" we'll just hold out and stick to vice , basic and the monitor - its not a demo so the included routines should be small anyway and probably good practice and ... well updates are updates - this is intro.inc
fyi (the 1000s of cheering fans outside the window every day !!!!! yay!!!!) , AlleyCat
theres really no video of the game yet - ropes as we have a display screen to display on would be a start - for starters a mix w basic + ml and we'll see, there is no deadlines - but we do it for 200 million ofcourse, half the money up front :) ...
Screenshot from 2022-04-28 16-10-48 :
for "the game(prelim dubbed Sanzus Place)"
by (ZeroDesign) w/ petmate
all files will be made available on a .d64 file under the files section
and yet it moves - its been a bit of google but the kid didnt have google and it worked too more or less - the first logical step feels to be a frame for filling in the dots - using a floppy as 170kb of ram expansion is a question mark though since we dont know the actual speed on a hard machine (on vice thats not a problem ofcourse since you dont even get wear and tear on the drive heads and you can flip 4 disks at once for no-swapping but who the hell HAS a hard machine with 4 drives?) for instance the screens is 2x 4blocks while the petmate poker uses 17 blocks : that is net profit ... its also like 2 to 4x faster with drivespeed emulation at standard than a fornext look poking in basic is (on vice ... since thats all we have) - we'll refer to that as DTM (directtomemory) since we are not professionals and we have the luxury of inventing our own words (since we never grew up we didnt forget how to do that) we also are multiple people at once (another perk of never growing up) so the conversations can get lively. As we came to understand the max size is 170kb (about-ish or 180 in de volksmond) and 144 files so its very likely that it will move to direct sector/block reading instead but we have to google disk structure for that. Using the kernal routines for loading and saving DTM and MTD already cost a box of floppies ... good thing they're virtual so easy to backup. We expect to have a working version where you can fight a slug or a slime by 2025 (maybe 2030 depending on shanghai-syndrome) - no deadlines, nothing to prove ... its not our intention to impress your sister with our mad coding skills (we know for a fact shes already impressed ... :) )
The actual idea rose that if we want to do anything on the C64 it HAS TO BE a demo (for teh lulz!) b/c the kid never got to do one b/c of all that schulshit and a game and if its a game it just HAS TO BE a cRPG and if WE think cRPG we always get back to the six-floppy wide Wizardry : heart of the maelstrom (which had much room for improvement, teknikally speaking) - b/c why do pong unless you do "pong in a sprite" for a concept. No deadlines, no roadmaps, no pro's here, not even high school degrees.
Aint nobody round here fly ( (q)50cent )
hm yo, ZD - this seems to be over 40 characters
the original layout :
for "the game(Sanzus Place)"
by (ZeroDesign) w/ petmate
all files will be made available on a .d64 file under the files section
for starters the idea was to create some layout w/ existing pets, poke the screen, freeze the machine, save the memblock then load it from disk in a basic program and take it from there.
credz for 3rd party assets : one font :
the other from CommodoreServer.com

logo made with
by ZeroDesign(this is not accurate multipaint allows any 16color per any pixel)

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