April 04 2024 11:45:35.trying to figure a way to get scenepicks to be able to load online, atm : https://github.com/luxocrates/viciious (cc0 give the man a hoot) but i dont think it does drag 'n drop links ... yet ...

This site is on strike until Mister FGPA is fixed

have a pic of proof that something CAN be made to last more than 4 months to 2 years

at least we figured out its 90% sure the powerbutton that grew its own will GO HOME
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This is not necessarily chronological as you can have re-cracks, re-releases and ppl using great sids for new intros, in general we would keep the last 100 here that caught us (each), since the c64 scene is the only one thats alive at this pace it shouldnt take too long before that starts cycling past 101
latest demos :
Arise : Chasing Northern Lights, not the VFX award but 15bytes on a c64, not DOS or anything ... Artline Designs : Frostbyte's 15th Symphony, gnatpicking or not ... its still mighty impressive WITH sound for an official 2k (and it is by .exe up until $0FFE, if i see correct $0FFF is already $00 that makes it ... 2047 ? bytes ? 2k(-1) ? official rules but gnatpickers like us old and ancient elder demons and remnants always gnat about 2k = 2k so in effect after unpacking it reaches to about $1400 with at the end what looks like a dataset for something (=`table` probably) at glance so its NOT REALLY "2k" if WE were to organize a compo ... but we wont since we dont so its 2k b/c the rules say so, THAT SAID doesnt make it any less impressive and probably the best 2k aquarium screensaver in 40 years of c64 Lft : Computational Soup 2kb wow and in that theres a little scrolltext too ... thats some fine work i say, dinasourfunk, the very definition of jenesaisquoi ? Dinasours : Wafer Demo not sure the effort it takes to create such a coordinated mess with moments you might get at an avant garde jazz concert on the 63+31.5thnote when the cymbal imitates a string and the piano creates wind ... i dont see anyone else ever getting quite near this level of ... of ... .... and get away with it, Sys5 : 1k Airwolf, Arise : The Truth Is Out There [256 bytes gfx] , Arise : Hell Awaits [512 bytes] , Fossil : Old Men in Yellow Pools , nice demo but ... does this mean theres a mocro woke batman now after black spiderman and aragorn ? whats next ? white jesus and muhammad or maybe yellow gandalf ? ... i havent seen a hollywood movie in years so i wouldnt know Triad & Fairlight : Me & Batman maybe its time for a scandinavian julius caesar and a hungarian leonidas ... (but i like the demo tho, very classy, off the beaten track, triad-animationstyler-over-bouncing things ... WITH fairlight, its not that, its i cant handle forging history with spidermen and african george washingtons, it breaks my head), Elysium : Jetboy: Ice Breaker :: Wave~Maker , guess theres a reason why fairlight is fairlight ... on average over 30 years its definitely fairlight and sometimes we have to wonder if they write demos solely in illegal opcodes to get that or have a packer that gets 2bitsin1 to stash those hashtables, ... fairlight sure likes borderless wavy bouncing things but the extreme dithering is something i can remember from pre 2000 (maybe pre-2020 demos) at those speeds ? i know the concept of tables ofc, the c64 demoscene wouldnt exist without it but you still have the code/gfx/music/hashtable ratio to think about and O, introducing the band : on the pixar we have "THE SARGE!" ... crowd goes wild ... im not particularly biased to fairlight for some groupie reason but their lightyears from home is one of my CDC on pouet (and i wonder how many know that particular one ... xept ofcourse the ppl who sit on csdb daily (i think theres about 5 of them left who each have 50 handles and the italians and southamericans are coming up, after the social shift from scandinavia to east-europe , but FLT still stands like a warhammer space marine holding one of the main flags on one of the main hills id say ... allround super-epic , tho i cant say this one is the masterpiece of a career its certainly FLT and the works, the final pic with the simulated alpha blending is just TOTES AWES MATE ... loves it , so i guess the scene aint dead after all but the crackers either moved or got infected with a woke virus ....(well when we get to working out the AGKwasm site it can load these .inc files and give a monthly mag for it, at least thats the intention so there should be room for comments with a bit more formatting but this is linux : linux formats more than c: ... anyway ... demos!!!!! o genesis project huh ... right ... okay ... they're great too, theres liek the five greats right, like warring states generals, no one can topple them and they'll probably take it to the grave ... (or six whatever ... give or take ) ... Fairlight, GP : The Ghost , ,
March 04 2024 00:38:10.
news / tools :
mucho gracias if this one works ... wbochar, Triad : Petmate V0.9.5 and yes, using the fix from wbochars website it works (as far as dragging some petlines goes, petscii doesnt have the "stamp" (blockslice/paste) option unless i missed it and i already use the output format for inclusion, a ,
March 04 2024 00:38:10.
latest releases :
https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239956 https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239940 Delve Deeper csdb/itch.io, Empire Strikes Back C64 csdb/itch.io, Hokuto Force , 2112 V3.1 csdb, Cruisin' For A Bruisin'csdb/itch.io, csdb/itch.io,
March 04 2024 00:38:10.
latest gfx :
https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239935 , well poobrain and rabenauge are kinda big scenenames so i'll grant the benefit of the doubt b/c it looks like something ai might "imagine" today + extra pixels ... art is dead anyway, no proof of artist possible anymore ... (nice pic, thats not it ... we have a moral schizm here) https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239933 https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239896 i see some distinctive style here but is this only skleptoid, who did the monkey island pic and theres others https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239885 well the video is a paste of pictures not someone drawing so its a gif with music but i wont let my A.I. paranoia speak in this case (its still possible tho, with gfx today its nigh impossible, soon enough with moving video too im sure, "deepfake for everyone, Google Deepfake : now only $9.99 (a month (smallprint:for the first 3 monthts, afterwards its possible we change the monthly billing amount and dont have to notify, credit cards subscriptions only tyvm) followed by "opensource deepfake : now you can pr0n your ex with the guys from work for adclicks!" ... i SO dont want anything to do with the world of humans anymor. https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239876 (well we are moving to the monthly one-time scrape slowly when cycles are spent on the c64 website so in the end only keeping the link is a better one, filling in the comments later is probably a better one too , i dont know why this one shouted "hey, this looks like no A.I." while others whisper "ARE YOU SURE?" im getting AI-paranoia b/c its so hard to tell sometimes ... https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239778 too skurz to put most of the logos inhere cuz who knows if A.I. - word of honour ? Artline Designs - PET4gentE , (yea i know, i live in Gat, Salems Lot , gravelpits , Gatland aka "het gatste gat at the end of the world" im supposed to respect everyones quirks and opinions but not the other way around, everyone is free but me and so ...) i like the thing, but how do i know its not "the A.I." b/c we have a strict "no A.I." policy here. i wonder if i have to fear "the" a.i. already corrupting Petscii by now ... this is gud otherwise, gud jaz ideas ibex-crew : SID - PETSCII , unaffiliated human with only a few gufix ... even if today im never 100% sure it hasnt been "imagined" first this is cool Sarahboev : Foxy Lady , yes, the logos are all real nice, i bet they would go well in intros or demos btw, ... Blazon : Ski Jumper in Space again - PETSCII , Joe : Quiet Nights , Archmage : Drakar & Demoner , redcrab : PCB Ghost , Almighty God, Atlantis : Waiting for Departure , Skleptoid : Umlaut , hepterida : White Watch , petscii never dies , after 40 years with 256 characters you think it would have bled out but NOPE ... Honcho, Pretzel Logic : Aquaman , nonwoke historically accurate interpretation ... (?) Triad : Angrboða , Mikael, pretzel logic : Insert Coin , ,
March 04 2024 00:38:10.
latest sid :
https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239899 https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239900 https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239900 https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239893 https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239889 https://csdb.dk/release/?id=239880 scene being scene i wonder how much ego is needed to start a war over one pic or sid not included in the personal pick list, often its not bad and often its "well maybe the A.I. did this b/c how would i know, skitzo-ai-paranoia from someone who fought the battle against skynet and survived) ... yea i know but i dont know all 80000 sids yet so its great to find a not newly published one thats great so i put them here too if i dont know or its been so long so the aliens can find out about the greatness of the 80s and the 90s (an 00s and 10s...) Tichelmann_Kay : Vaganca.sid, Mibri : Saudade No. 4 , certainly looks like a bet to see who has the biggest bossanova not sure wether i pick 3 b/c of the uncommon style in major-general Sidland or the fine execution or both but i certainly like these, maybe some Earl King or Albert Collins next ? Billy Strings perhaps lol , a sudden burst of bossa nova on csdb - not something you get every month id say ... Hugo Boss Anova , Laxity : Confused Bossa at the Townhall , Genesis Project : Blindsided , its getting harder and harder to decide on stuff, especially gfx, im sure pT-1000 has a checkbox that says "skynet, render me some workstages with it" by now with all that blabber about Q* really gonna take your money and your gal (and you nuke-stash) and yea, its your art use what you like, but as we are oldskool as opposed to a c64, we believe that 'if someone else does it for you, wether its art or not might not be the first debate, but that ITS NOT YOURS is certainly a fact ...) anyway ... nevermind ... Genesis Project : Easy Lover , i cant shake the feeling that something on csdb has changed ill have to check the db another way , stuff just keeps adding afterwards somehow Hans Gustafsson : Hasse's Finallåt , Warp 8, get up now , Elder0010, psych858o, Mikael : NTWRK BRKDWN chemical beats jong, you dont get that every day in csdbland, Stinsen/Detuned.sid , '> Duck_LaRock/Tortune.sid , ,
March 04 2024 00:38:10.
latest intros : March 04 2024 00:38:10.

we try to drop youtube b/c its annoying, i doubt it will make much less money for Airwolf b/c we do , going over csdb takes more time ofcourse but theres more time than money and most of it is about how long til dead, too cripple or demented, bright future ... at least the program brings solace, even with one finger left we should be able to depending on how far it disintegrates in the next 10 years
buy what you can afford if you like it enough ... (Razor ... and some others ...)
as well as most of the other sites xept middlersted/devlog ... dont call us : we wont call you
heh ...
No wonder this fails on emus, I have never even heard of half these illegal opcodes!..

.C:9502 8D D8 D3 STA $D3D8
.C:9505 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:9508 8F F2 DD SAX $DDF2
.C:950b 8E 11 D0 STX $D011
.C:950e 4F F2 DD SRE $DDF2
.C:9511 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:9514 4F D8 D3 SRE $D3D8
.C:9517 8F 11 D0 SAX $D011
.C:951a 4F D8 D3 SRE $D3D8
.C:951d 8C 11 D0 STY $D011
.C:9520 EF F2 DD ISB $DDF2
.C:9523 8F 11 D0 SAX $D011
.C:9526 0E D8 D3 ASL $D3D8
.C:9529 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:952c 6F F2 DD RRA $DDF2
.C:952f 8F 11 D0 SAX $D011
.C:9532 8F F2 DD SAX $DDF2
.C:9535 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:9538 0F D8 D3 SLO $D3D8
.C:953b 8E 11 D0 STX $D011
.C:953e 8E F2 DD STX $DDF2
.C:9541 8D 11 D0 STA $D011

the code is strange. Fully readable machine code, but no human would code like this, or?