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have a pic of proof that something CAN be made to last more than 4 months to 2 years

at least we figured out its 90% sure the powerbutton that grew its own will GO HOME
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This is not necessarily chronological as you can have re-cracks, re-releases and ppl using great sids for new intros, in general we would keep the last 100 here that caught us (each), since the c64 scene is the only one thats alive at this pace it shouldnt take too long before that starts cycling past 101
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we try to drop youtube b/c its annoying, i doubt it will make much less money for Airwolf b/c we do , going over csdb takes more time ofcourse but theres more time than money and most of it is about how long til dead, too cripple or demented, bright future ... at least the program brings solace, even with one finger left we should be able to depending on how far it disintegrates in the next 10 years
buy what you can afford if you like it enough ... (Razor ... and some others ...)
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heh ...
No wonder this fails on emus, I have never even heard of half these illegal opcodes!..

.C:9502 8D D8 D3 STA $D3D8
.C:9505 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:9508 8F F2 DD SAX $DDF2
.C:950b 8E 11 D0 STX $D011
.C:950e 4F F2 DD SRE $DDF2
.C:9511 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:9514 4F D8 D3 SRE $D3D8
.C:9517 8F 11 D0 SAX $D011
.C:951a 4F D8 D3 SRE $D3D8
.C:951d 8C 11 D0 STY $D011
.C:9520 EF F2 DD ISB $DDF2
.C:9523 8F 11 D0 SAX $D011
.C:9526 0E D8 D3 ASL $D3D8
.C:9529 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:952c 6F F2 DD RRA $DDF2
.C:952f 8F 11 D0 SAX $D011
.C:9532 8F F2 DD SAX $DDF2
.C:9535 8D 11 D0 STA $D011
.C:9538 0F D8 D3 SLO $D3D8
.C:953b 8E 11 D0 STX $D011
.C:953e 8E F2 DD STX $DDF2
.C:9541 8D 11 D0 STA $D011

the code is strange. Fully readable machine code, but no human would code like this, or?