ZeroDesign and Syntax Error be thy name. Now that we have found half a grain of joule to #dostuff ... will probably install wattOS on all drives meant to run on celeroncpu-boards or lower tres tiny kawai and tres responsive
roam your hands and click on shiney or moving things to see things and stuff, current under almost daily change so clear cached content for this specific site might show up some javascript thats not there on cloudflare and 1e100 yesterday-net
in 2023 everything needs disclaiming :
  1. We are not human, we will have nothing to do with a species thats killing the planet on which we are stuck in this body thats deteriorating without any means of fixing it, they say its time but where we come from time has not been proven to exist. We think its corrosion due to the toxic atmosphere their presence creates.
  2. atm there should be no crumbs of any kind. If we end up using jquery or -ui thats their problem but we assume they dont track in their plugins tho its probably not below them.
  3. All content here on /fiaT-UX is a journey and observations. THESE ARE NOT TUTORIALS - if you brick or break your stuff doing anything thats listed here, dont call us ... call ... i dont know ... someone else.

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YO HO HO in php
(scroll down in div to scroll down in div lke you would in terminal,
drag divs to drag like you would terminals on desktop