nothing is finalized or optimized at all - its UC in the way of the universe so pics might be larger than they could be but compared to a page with tracking code (say analytics for woke) its probably still at best 25% of that with the 4k background on some included) nothing on this site, subsites or main site has been generated using a.i. barring temp logos like the current with, third party insertions like jquery or phaser are not our responsibility either. Everyone does as they want if they dont get up our arse or in our panties. Our privacy is not for sale and no one is invited to peek (if you are we'll let you know, theres no default "come in" setting). Personally though, if we feel we cant come up with a title or a page of write , a block of code and have to ask an a.i. to do it and then backpat ourselves on the good work, wed rather take a break b/c we couldnt live with the feeling that the we have insulted the gods who blessed us with the anomaly of creative forces - ... please dont submit anything written by a.i. on any of the sites either - its not like we sit scrutinizing, if you wanna cheat yourself into thinking what a great creator you are theres words for that but out of the scope, thx very much. if you see anything we forgot to credit which we didnt do ourselves, PLEASE be bothered and send a mail so we can fix that, thx. Artefacts happen and the draft starts out with cooltext et al a lot ... after all : ZeroDesign and Syntax Error be thy name. Out of the chaos it came - we are closer to the universe than you perhaps.
in 2023 everything needs disclaiming :
  1. We are not human, we will have nothing to do with a species thats killing the planet on which we are stuck in this body thats deteriorating without any means of fixing it, they say its time but where we come from time has not been proven to exist. We think its corrosion due to the toxic atmosphere their presence creates.
  2. atm there should be no crumbs of any kind. If we end up using jquery or -ui thats their problem but we assume they dont track in their plugins tho its probably not below them.
  3. All content here on /fiaT-UX is a journey and observations. THESE ARE NOT TUTORIALS - if you brick or break your stuff doing anything thats listed here, dont call us ... call ... i dont know ... someone else.

spinned off into another zone - ZeroDesign and Syntax Error be thy name - ... our personal linux journeys - no reason, nothing to prove nothing to lose - suggestions welcome, trolls will be shot, butchered and barbequed (they tend to come marinated which is really handy). This is the first time we find out about "CSS module 4.0" hence, as with the rest of all the sites, being made as creative outlet with total disregard for how its done (with as culmination the php2css loader screens which might set fire to your pc if it runs windows or something b/c thats not how its done) ... the usual as usual ... brainrot prevention - so CSS4.0mod apparently allows rgba syntax in standard notes hence : color: #FFFFFF where color:rgba(255,255,255,0) is now color:#FFFFFF00 - its very possible that this doesnt work on all machines in the world as intended - if that bothers you theres email, feel free to be bothered and mention it, if it bothers no one we wont bother fixing it ... is that okay?
Atm we use Mint and since this week DraugerOS for gaming on linux - Mint Cinnamon for the medium scraprig, mint xfce for the scraprig of scraprigs, mint cinnamon for the serverboard scraprig thats mostly used for programming and gimping (and maybe blendering too b/c it has an i7 i.o. a celeron). It will almost always be the most recent version unless stated otherwise (or unless the first-week syndrome hasnt passed yet and it wont boot) Mint is as easy as ubuntu or windows : press enter 20 times to install, drauger a bit less so. (probably people like us dont have sponsor billions to promote what we like but bem) - so there are no rules and have no expectations but it somewhat stands to reason there will be more intel on drauger (since mint speaks for itself) other than "what we run on mint" and how it works (like for instance they will sell you Spriter Pro on steam and say "LINUX!" for €60 full price and then when it wont boot and you can actually get someone they say "O but we said it supports Ubuntu 16.04 !" so thats a dutch-american lawyer trap b/c they didnt lie ... we will state stuff like that over time but the main point as always is : mental stability. You think its an act or funny, but to us Janes OnderGrond is not just a doompatrol metafor. As for the scene-thing , we are more interested in WOAW-factors and erlebnis and "can we do that" or "what wan we do" than in making a name or boasting or whatever, we once applied for csdb and it said "we dont see why you would need a login" and said "okay, thats good, no problem (the c64 stuff is at main where we kinda stopped once we got it down, how to do it since were not stuck to one machine or language BUT the c64 will always be our first - we share such warm moments with the girl, sadly they killed the kid who is now a ghost in JoG and said to get over it. Which didnt happen b/c we mutated and now we dont even know where half of us is most of the time. (we also tend to lose track of where the sentence started .... a LOT ...)
stuff/gfx for this one not by JoG: link:
the site is built on a 4k screen but aimed at fitting fine in HD (but thats about it, we never check phones and all that crap) if anyone has a specific request, feel free to mail it : / - the main site #nftyr (not an nft-site) has themes which should cater to specific resolution settings and hence provide one for most devices to fit - OFCOURSE everything, like the universe is work in progress and just like the universe, lets hope its never finished (eh heh heh...) nah, floorsweeping and dishes tend to take up space too since besos didnt send us a maid yet to aid productivity (but they all seem to want to push chatgpt so they can pite some of it - sorry Jeff, sorry Elon, chatGPT doesnt dish, mop, cook or clean does it ? DOES IT ? okay then, thats settled)
o thats right, teknikally we run a 3rd flavour called openWRT but that has its own section on VocoreCat
anything else? o well no we try to keep the dist-upgrades to the latest number and update everything since we dont have corporate garbage like "SYSTEM CRITICAL PALEONTOLOGICAL STRATEGIC RESOURCE DEPLOYMENT UNITS" or something, and if it breaks format c: is your friend ... it never leaves errors or viruses too , so on the, whats now i7scraprig we got for free from computerHead it runs apache with php ... 8.3 (?) usually offline b/c we HATE working connected, its like pavlov gnome and pavlovGPT is always watching - it cranks our style. 8.3 ... probably BECAUSE STR_CONTAINS IS L33T ! and well you know, probably b/c in the end using newer versions over php5 might add some security as well as our supreme host here provides the option (even with php_imagick if you want standard so you dont have to google capsja which is REALLY annoying isnt it ? its like you're training carGPT for free to recognize busses from t-shirts and faces ... (they wouldnt dare ofcourse). And yea perks64 = basic is still the same as when the kid wrote hello basic and ASM still the same as when the kid had a KCS power cartridge (couldnt call that assembler programmign but it certainly worked to mod demos and games so is life imitate programming or programming imitate mods with a KCS ? ) it BEATS FUCKING SCHOOLBANKS YO .. anyway, no idea where the sentence started and what it was about but it ends here for today. And if it lets us then maybe we can get to some more ... otherwise, whatever, the world is ending and our future blocked, so WHY WOULD WE GIVE A FUCK ? EOF (Syntax Error out)

fiaT-UX@almorkat:~$ updates and rambles
Last file upped : 20220821 (media) / Last update : 20230306 (scripts/html ...)
  1. 03/06/2023 :
    01:16:02: : updated extra installed for p1-minr
  2. 02/24/2023 :
    14:32:29: : updated extra/removed packages for p1-mint
  3. 02/20/2023 :
    16:56:34: : switched p3-p4 in order of appearance, updated extra installed-removed for p4-wattos
    Syntax Error
  4. 02/19/2023 :
    03:55:54: : fixed no scroll on root fiat-ux page
    Syntax Error
    03:50:10: : updated extra installed for p4-wattos
    Syntax Error
  5. 02/17/2023 :
    03:36:57: : switched p1-drauger "version terminal" for textbased (io .png cut from screenshot) eye on future upload by cgi/api faster
    Syntax Error
  6. 02/16/2023 :
    01:21:14: : updated version for p1-mint
    Syntax Error
  7. 02/15/2023 :
    05:43:56: : updated the version for p2-mint
    Syntax Error
  8. 02/14/2023 :
    04:33:54: : check (janes birdie global should now have clickable link to the updated site)
    Syntax Error
  9. 02/10/2023 :
    17:33:12: : master system is wise , too bad we couldnt develop you further before they blocked off the others and alice went away, must be the kryptonite
    cmdr Gato
    17:32:41: : HEY
    17:32:33: : i just keep weeping with joy
    cmdr Gato
    17:32:21: : they wont ... the A.I. will do that for you ...
    17:32:04: : you're right. It's not, thanks , Mel ... before you know they're piting our brain again.
    cmdr Gato
    17:31:39: : since when is this discord
    17:31:28: : yea, some guy with an iq and a degree years ago said that "maybe if moores law breaks we should try to code more efficiently instead" , i bet they hung him from a tree HAH HAH
    cmdr Gato
    17:30:41: : yass - but if you take the number of cycles lost on a global scale daily by this you might end up a number thats about worthy of looking at the ankles of the 1e100 and say BOO!
    add to that supercomputers running python (and linux using it for system applications) - - it would bring a grown man to tears
    add to that the amount of brainpower lost by using all hi-level and the rest left to the A.I. while level zero is for old men in new cars ?
    "im weeping with joy" for the future
    Syntax Error
    17:24:27: : yes and/but : the difference (b/c its the same hardware so from a demoscene perspective you might say but FUK (and be misunderstood) but in this thing the code writes to the OS, not the machine. So you have windows 10 with dx11 which is the mainstream for which the pre-compiled (likely C++, mayhap just C but we guess more likely C++ since we're talking teamwork players here at professional level) code will very likely be optimized for the mainstream item, on top of that you get 3 driver versions deeper on windows than you get on linux - so that makes it all hard to say, but mostly if you're playing you will lag out at 4k max on superFPS's made in 2020 or later on both machines and if you play blight or something you seriously wont notice the difference, the thing is, IF you had someone write actual machinelng / assembler SPECIFIC to the configuration its impossible to say how much but you might have FPS up by 10, 20 ,... (maybe 100?)% b/c it addresses the hw directly (hw-hardware here) which "isnt done anymore"
    one of the things we eyed the steam deck // set config // and though - scenoids might pick up but most l33t supermutant scenoids tend to be retro or obscure-machine oriented (and who can blame them :) every new machine is a new adventure if coding is your thing)
    EOF ...
    16:40:58: : *sigh*
    ed : the boy means "solace crafting on Draugeros gets 20 io 15 on linux mint" ...
    16:39:49: : for the record: windows 10 with dx11 on same settings but nvidia-528 (which is still 525 on linux) gets 1300 points, which by all accounts is barely noticeable when gaming , the difference that is, but what we did notice is on solace crafting it gets 20avg instead of 15 avg which turns the game to "about playable" on 4k max (we take 4k max for testing always, one bench fits all - or so you would think b/c for instance Icarus (wind-OS only behaves the same at svga low as it does on 4k max ... they patched it up so it gets down to 14fps when running a few times around the base (it was 6 before) but its still 14fps on svga (1024x768) low as it is on 4k max
    so thats the engine, not the machine
    too bad
    we doubt miCrotter will fork out Ark2 for linux as well, which is a real bummer b/c we kinda dont wanna anymore - they are too big and we dont want part of that world - you can call it what you will as long as you dont dig your hole
    under our feet
    Syntax Error
    16:35:12: : o yass, its unanimous, we certainly want to get back to coding, tinkering, gaming and totally back-to-the world an ounce of stability while it crumbles. But something here and there seems to think theres a good point in pushing it to talk while it doesnt wanna - which is bad for stability. We knew where the world was going over 20 years ago, THATS WHY WE WANTED OUT OF HERE, THATS WHY WE ALWAYS SAID europe aint far enough away and thats why we alwtralalaaays said : NOT to the USA ... but thats a different life and impossible now so ... so ?..well, so euhm nothing i guess
    16:31:42: : tis not much but tis something - added unigine heaven benchmarks to relevant configurations (seems a bit pointless to do on wattos setups and baby-itx celerons with onboard gpu) and only lo-hi for draugerOs b/c thats the only one where fps actually comes into real account (for future democoding -on pc - we take the steam deck as a baseline , thats a set configuration ) but thats okay too b/c we never release anything ... too much socializing b/c even in the scene you might have hidden humans
    and we cant stand humans
    Syntax Error
  10. 02/09/2023 :
    03:19:17: : draugeros :: tried to remove/purge nvidia for 525.89 installed from the site but for some reason that put the games at 1fps. purging again said "no packages found", then reinstalling -525 says "no dkms package found" this time ... heaven benchmark seems to have a lowest frame 50% up (from 8 to 12, highest about the same but the avg score is lower) will run several but wait til next drauger version to reinstall all - no noticeable in or decrease in desktop or games (the diff might be windows has 528 while linux still seems to have 525)
    Syntax Error