nothing is finalized or optimized at all - its UC in the way of the universe so pics might be larger than they could be but compared to a page with tracking code (say analytics for woke) its probably still at best 25% of that with the 4k background on some included) nothing on this site, subsites or main site has been generated using a.i. barring temp logos like the current with, third party insertions like jquery or phaser are not our responsibility either. Everyone does as they want if they dont get up our arse or in our panties. Our privacy is not for sale and no one is invited to peek (if you are we'll let you know, theres no default "come in" setting). Personally though, if we feel we cant come up with a title or a page of write , a block of code and have to ask an a.i. to do it and then backpat ourselves on the good work, wed rather take a break b/c we couldnt live with the feeling that the we have insulted the gods who blessed us with the anomaly of creative forces - ... please dont submit anything written by a.i. on any of the sites either - its not like we sit scrutinizing, if you wanna cheat yourself into thinking what a great creator you are theres words for that but out of the scope, thx very much. if you see anything we forgot to credit which we didnt do ourselves, PLEASE be bothered and send a mail so we can fix that, thx. Artefacts happen and the draft starts out with cooltext et al a lot ... after all : ZeroDesign and Syntax Error be thy name. Out of the chaos it came - we are closer to the universe than you perhaps.
in 2023 everything needs disclaiming :
  1. We are not human, we will have nothing to do with a species thats killing the planet on which we are stuck in this body thats deteriorating without any means of fixing it, they say its time but where we come from time has not been proven to exist. We think its corrosion due to the toxic atmosphere their presence creates.
  2. atm there should be no crumbs of any kind. If we end up using jquery or -ui thats their problem but we assume they dont track in their plugins tho its probably not below them.
  3. All content here on /fiaT-UX is a journey and observations. THESE ARE NOT TUTORIALS - if you brick or break your stuff doing anything thats listed here, dont call us ... call ... i dont know ... someone else.

all of this needs revising, at the moment we have installations (that are actively used from):
On several scrapped together setups but mostly on separate partitions or connectable drives ... ubuntu16.04 was installed b/c some steam games claim linux support while the smallprint says "ubuntu 16" sadly it doesnt have any nvidia driver by default so we have to actually check up on everything ... deadline : dead or demented. USA-DOS 10 is kept b/c simply like android, crotter is so deep in the world government you cant get around it if you have ANY active connection to their world or need outside your cave in the jungle. Wattos is lite enough to keep a 15yo laptop from deathrow which couldnt handle DOS 8 anymore with its 4gb and 15yo cpu but on this one it runs just fine, the only thing dragging it are the browsers now which just keep turning into heavier and heavier virtual machines with every update and you dont really get the choice to "i just wanna check the youtube videos that worked fine on your lite browser95 100 updates ago
We have spoken.
JoG 2023 - yes its the intention to try and keep it documented tho it will be simple listings, if we can rebuild the API on the scrapboard with the one broken memory bank that doesnt even have a case around it we could (maybe) automate the process via cron ... its not a priority since nothing is a priority anymore. You can blame whoever stuck us back in GAT as well as eurosuits and the americans ... thx
yes id love to stay and chat but the drain on the laundrymat ... well the machine gives E:18 which is error : drain clogged on the board-computer ... so i know what to do thx