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    25-64 - JoG 2023 - (256b)

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    edit 2023 10 16 - uploaded to demozoo, pouet later since the last upload is less than a month and we have weird flexible criteria in a complex adaptive universe where everything but humans changes all the time. Listening to the VICE run it actually might sound fuller on sid 6581 (which is what we have in the original/real machine we got our hands on here) than it would in 8580, not that theres much soundtrack to it in 256notpacked bytes. Dozo ... now, ... it might sound pushy but, ... why dont YOU (the elite) show us how this can do better (in 256 bytes without a packer hee hee, such heresy ... in case of misunderstanding, theres nothing wrong with packers but TO US it just feels wrong to call something sizecoding and then go "chatGPT pack my demo so i can boast its 256b" ... maybe we're just old or something ...) we found out only this week about this thing called the stack area (thats about how long we have been back on the machine in real hours) which seems to be 256b on the 0page where you can just stack(haha) code to execute before you run the dam (main) thing, now we dont think theres any more to cram in those 256b but someone just seems to feel the need to try 256b in the stack are for no reasons given (as always deadline dead or demented) , given the 2023 its odd to not see these things for the c64 (tho this.scene has definitely the most live releases of any kind even weekly) but you do for the spec and such (and it feels like amiga/atari only comes out of the closet for main demoparties anymore, thats a shame b/c by the time we get to motorola we'll be 150 years old so i bet at best the first 16bit thing is gonna be STOS basic on an ST b/c frankly my dear, googling "coding programming for the Atari Falcon on Hatari" ... is a bit dis-couraging lmao and then checking ebay and 2dehands or marktplaats and the usual to find out Falcons go for €2700 - €3200 ... its not that we dont WANNA ... its just that ... o wait this is not a Dlog ... EOF
    edit 2023 10 15 - final name "25-64(packerless attempted scheming)" , while digging through easyflash format and disassembling stuff for the first time since forever we found out about this thing called "the stack area" (yes thats euhm, we can do the 4 little demos but we only found about "the stack area this week-end" knowing very well it has to be somewhere, no clue its A WHOLE PAGE ($ff bytes = the size of this thing) you can actually use for whatever it is before you set the interrupts up (afterwards its probably a bit hard but we aint 35yo xp on "the" scene so who knows what these people cook up in their ivory towers) so its kinda wanna try another $ff bytes in the stack area, dont ask why b/c there is no why other than wanna try and dont expect anything, that way you wont be disappointed. Finally rendered the mini-video for cloudinary for ppl who dont wanna click to youtube altho it could use a bit more care this will do to get the page up, will probably put it on demozoo later, and pouet laterlater b/c the last one added wasnt even a month ago. SO, people of the scene : i know your ego tells you "I CAN DO THAT BETTER!" and we would LOVE TO see that :p
    v0.03 2023 10 07 - pastie to be grill u64? - 256 bytes
    id say tinkering not coding but definitely programming and with that the water is back after gone without warning ... 
    4 colours in 8 steps, sound with a filter ... a rank amateurs "one-page64" 1st one
    without moving bytes (a bit annoying since the code pokes addresses in places to shift the colors read from the data at the back,
    i think the color cycle bytes/numbers might give some kind of a better outcome if someone took their real time with it and
    the sid sound probably too but for a lamers such as we id say this is not a lost weekend.
    pal-80sid but the other one works the 80 just sounds a bit finer due to the filter
    as said : not much to look at but hey WHATDYA WANT FOR FREE (in 256b)
    we now accept scathing remarks in the form of :
    dozo (domo as well)
    i can hear the shower farting, GUD, tho i dont think ill drink that for the first 24 hours
    well taht was omoshiroi and probably something about INC but otherwise
    likely useless for a game haha
    considering the state of the state we might actually dare put this on demozoo (they seem to be a lot less gung there) and even pouet (as we are fairly sure it wont be the worst thing on pouet for now) but thats not to this or that plz, we just wont mind if someone comes up with HEY MY 40 YEAR OLD DEMOCREW DID A ONEPAGE AND ITS SO MUCH BETTER CHECK IT OUT ... we would kinda love that without feeling a booboo but theres no comms so i doubt there will be much buzz anyway,
    just : "we ONLY accept scathing comments in the form of "heres my one-page64 $ff bytes with no packer and THIS is how you do it", thx , otherwise its okay to send us a billion elondollars b/c you love our attitude and stance so much you just cant help it, we wont hold that against you :)
    REALLY NEED A SHOWER, I WISH THEY WOULD GIVE SOME KIND OF WARNING LIKE HEY WE GONNA BREAK THE WATER, so im gonna shower - twas very interesting trying and id love to try more sometime but still the first thing i REALLY wanna finish before dead or demented is a game (after the memento for the cats ofcourse)
    edit 2023 10 07 : high noon at the GAT coral, the current disk should be in place. Im just gonna see how far it gets over the weekend within 256 bytes (not too far i think , we are not a quiss performing brozai at X after all but we still would LOVE TO see any of those people who were there do the "one page of 64" thing here and see who's got the biggest (... same thing ?) after all ... thats why were in it : for the demoez. CUZ this is usually time to dig up archeological secrets on the 6502/64 architecture which to some is cavadesoi after 35 years and to us a little less so far. TO MAKE A GAME ... which, between a scroller and a 256b disk seems to be not closer but further but HEY ... we just do stuff after all, nothing to prove, anyway, lets eat first.
    v0.02 2023 10 07 - failed multicol - 223 bytes
    i thought INC $memory_address sets the zero flag if it hits 0 but it seems to not do that or else im reading something in a very wrong way so
        BNE @skippers
        #rest of #stuff
    wont let me (but i thought it would) so if i have to ldx and cpx thats a lot more bytes ...
    the point is not to compete in lovebytes as usual, just to do stuff we myself and i wanna try
    v0.01 2023 10 07 - "cleaned" 178 bytes
    well yea, cleaned it up with my woozy glasses and it was 178bytes
    v0.0: "down to 256"
    First of all before 20000 humans feel shin-kicked or something. This has nothing to do with what anyone said anywhere nor does it have the purpose of trying to boast or gouge someones eyes out....
    It's just, for a while now, messing around with TRSE, trying to catch up on 35 years of scene-xp we all missed i noticed the program suddenly being 19kb like HUH, turns out exomizer was unchecked, so re-checking it suddenly the thing is 3600Something bytes : 4K!
    I found this to be strangely odd since its 19 , not 4 ... and on pouet all the time i get these 256b things, for all kinds of machines, INCLUDING the spec which is a total 8bit dinosaur too. Now there is a few on the site that are "128b(asic)ytes" which in that case means the total script is no more than 128 characters in AGK (thats pretty not much to do) also just for the fuck of it, not to take someones glasses off into the real world or whatever it is humans think when any of this is speaking in tongues again. And again today and also ... personally i always felt "why do you call it sizecoding if you use a 3rd party tool to cram it for you?" isnt that like "chatGPT, PAK MY DEMO!" ?
    turns out i shouldnt say that LOL
    so sensitive ... (to quote 50 cent) "you remind me of ma beech ... , but no and this is just "i wanna try this like $ff thing" luffyneko's quest for the ONE-PAGE , so i took 1st1(k), the very first ASM proggy ever to get finished into something displayable by the shards of JoG and started pilfering until i had exactly 256 bytes left. BECAUSE I WANTED TO TRY , and i wanted to see (i sometimes wonder if some humans forgot what that actually is: to want to try it instead of "to want to win" ... its like they forgot how to play so that means they must have grown up while they werent paying attention ... we are sorry for your loss in that case)
    its not much to look at but it IS 256bytes, un-packed, WITH sound, on a c64, so if anyone feels the calling,


    see what someone like Quiss or for that matter any of the people who made 'X 2023 in what we feel might be the most epic demoparty of the last few years, can do in all their brainpower and experience in "one page of 64" ... no packers, self-modifying is ofcourse ok ... cuz i BET even THEY would find new things they never thought about.
    maybe someone comes up but i bet if theres ever a comment it'l be like "BLEH THIS AND THAT and meh" by some buggers who never even made a basic program on a c64 or something like that. Which is fine b/c we dont care much for competition. cats care not for names (or loud noises and barking dogs)
    its v0.0 b/c atm we are convinced theres spare bytes that can be freed, just not what to do with them lol.
    Anyway, this ofcourse took time away from learning stuff to get closer to getting started on the game but HEY ... ich hep het testement van men jeugt nog niet opgemaakt, de poes kan ik nog verstaan ... and really, it would be AWESOME to see the great elders (who must be about my age or younger) do their own global party of "one page of 64" : $ff or die
    JoG 2023 - not just a doompatrol (really not) metafor

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